How to Play Craps for Beginners

Craps is one of the most popular casino games in the world, thanks to its unique betting system and interesting rules. Land-based casinos often feature craps tables which are full and, usually, the most vibrant due to the exciting nature of the game.

Now, anyone just getting started with craps might consider it difficult at first. However, it is actually a pretty straightforward game if you follow the basic betting rules. Even the complex craps table layout becomes pretty easy after just a couple of rounds.

In the below guide, we’ll explain how to play craps for beginners. After reading it, everyone will know the basics and feel comfortable with playing their first craps round. Let’s get started.

Best US Casinos with Online Craps

Let’s check out the online casinos in the US offering the dice game before proceeding to the beginners guide to craps.

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Craps Basics

Even though there are all kinds of bets in craps, the pass-line bet is the most important one. Players start the round by placing their chips on this wager. If you’re going to make other bets, the dealer will have to move your chips.

One of the people around the table will be the shooter, and they will roll the dice. The shooter’s role changes if the shooter at hand loses the bet. Everyone who made a pass bet will win if the dice show seven or 11. They will instantly lose if it’s two, three, or 12.

If it’s any other number, it’s referred to as the point. In that case, the shooter needs to roll the same number again to win even money. However, if they roll a seven, they’ll lose the bet.

If the shooter makes the point, they will have a chance to make a new come-out bet, meaning they get to shoot the dice one more round. If they “seven out,” the dice are given to another shooter.

Craps Table Layout

The craps table layout may initially seem complex, as it features all kinds of bets. Luckily, all of them are easy to learn, and the best way to do so is to play craps online. That way, you can test every bet on the craps layout and see how each works.

For starters, we recommend checking the picture below to understand what the table layout looks like and pay attention to the pass line bet, as the essential type of wager in this game.


Craps table layout

Craps Betting

Let’s explore some of the essential bets in craps.

  • Pass-line bet — Players win if the shooter scores seven or 11 and lose if it’s two, three, or 12. Any other number is a point, and the shooter continues rolling dice.
  • Don’t pass line bet — This is an inverted bet, meaning the players win if it’s two or three and lose if it’s seven or 11. If the player scores 12, it’s a push. Other numbers are point numbers.
  • Come bet — Only available after a point number is scored, but the rules are the same as for the pass line bet, except that this bet applies to the shoots after the come-out roll.
  • Don’t come bet — The same as the don’t pass line bet, except it applies to the point roll.

As you can see in the table layout pictured above, there are plenty of other bets, some of them being single-roll wagers while others require more than one roll. Make sure to explore them in an online casino to learn how they work.

How to Play Craps Online for Money

Playing craps for real money in online casinos is easy. Here’s how to start playing.

Beginners guide to craps

Where to Play Online Craps

Online craps might not be as popular as online blackjack and baccarat, but you’ll still find it in the majority of online casinos. Unfortunately, not many casinos offer a great craps experience, so we decided to find the best options for US players, and you can find all of them on this page. All featured casinos are licensed by US-based regulators and feature the latest security protocols. Moreover, all of them are considered industry leaders based on the overall quality. 

States Where Online Craps Is Legal

Online craps is legal in all states that legalized online casino gambling. At this moment, these states are Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia.

Of course, many states are actively working on making online gambling possible, so this list might become longer soon.

Check Out Our Other Craps Guides

If you decide to play online craps, you should read more about how to play the game and study online craps guides. We suggest starting with the basic craps strategy and detailed craps rules. Of course, it’s also a good idea to research different craps variants, including live craps, which has become quite popular recently.


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