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If you’re looking for the latest news about online casinos in New Hampshire, you’re on the right page. Unfortunately, online casino gambling is still not legal in NH, but some other gambling verticals are. This article will guide you through all available gambling options in the state and discuss the history and future of gambling legislation. Read on.

Where Are the Nearest States That Have Legalized Online Casino Gambling?

The four states that legalized online casino gambling are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan.

New Jersey

New Jersey legalized online casino gambling in 2013. It was the first state to do so and also among the first to legalize online sports betting. New Jersey has the largest online gambling offer, with dozens of operators available.

The main regulator in the state is called the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. NH is approximately 345 miles away from NJ, meaning you’ll have to travel about six hours by car.


Pennsylvania is considered the second most important online casino state. Its lawmakers also legalized all three major forms of online gambling — online casinos, online sportsbooks, and online poker, and there are several great platforms where you can enjoy gambling on the web. The main regulatory body in PA is the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. Should you decide to go to PA by car, prepare for an eight-hour trip (450 miles).

West Virginia

West Virginia is a much smaller online gambling market compared to New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but you’ll still find a decent selection of online casinos. The West Virginia Lottery regulates all gambling operations in the state. Should you decide to visit this state from New Hampshire, prepare to travel 750 miles (12 hours by car).


Michigan is the newest online gambling market, as its legislators were the last of four states to legalize online casinos. Therefore, the selection of available online casinos is relatively small, but it’s bound to grow in the future. The main regulatory body overseeing all gambling operations in the state is the Michigan Gaming Control Board. Michigan is approximately 850 miles away from New Hampshire.

1964New Hampshire Lottery becomes legal

The New Hampshire Lottery becomes legal in the state, with NH being one of the first states to legalize this form of gambling.

1977New Hampshire legalized charitable gambling
2006Online horse racing betting legalized
2017Daily fantasy sports legalized
2018iLottery games

iLottery games become available as part of the New Hampshire Lottery

2018Online and retail sports betting became legal

Both online and retail sports betting became legal in New Hampshire, but only DraftKings is given the monopoly on this.

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