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What Is Pachinko?

Pachinko was created in Japan and is considered the number one casino game in the country.

The first pachinko game was created in the 1920s and was inspired by a game called Corinth, a Japanese version of the Corinthian bagatelle, once popular in America.

Some believe that the game was influenced by another similar game called Billard Japonais, or Japanese billiards.

The first city where the game became popular was Nagoya in the 1930s. It soon spread throughout Japan, with many people becoming lifelong fans.

Until the 1980s, pachinko was entirely mechanical. After that, electronic elements were introduced. This made pachislots flashier and more attractive, improving the overall experience.

Pachinko Basics

Pachinko is a combination of an arcade game and a slot machine. Land-based pachinko machines combine mechanical and digital mechanisms and are often called pachinko machines or pachislots.

The mechanical part consists of inserting pachinko balls into the slot. The balls will then start to fall randomly through various openings. Some of these balls will make it to one of the holes that activate the digital part of the game — a mini-game that will help you get more balls.

The balls are basically currency that you can exchange for gifts in pachinko parlors. Of course, it’s possible to earn real money too when playing pachinko in online casinos.

How to Play Online Pachinko

Below you can find a short overview of how to get started with playing online pachinko. However, unfortunately there aren’t many US casinos that offer the game. You might have some luck searching for a similar game called plinko.

How to Play Online Pachinko in the USA

What Does Pachinko Mean?

Pachinko doesn’t really mean anything in particular. The word “pachin” is simply the sound the game makes (pa-ching in English), and in Japanese the suffix -ko is used to denote something small.

The name itself is therefore just an onomatopoeic description of the sound made by the many small balls in the game.

Is There Pachinko in the US?

Pachinko’s land-based version is extremely rare. In fact, there is only one pachinko parlour in the entire North American continent that we know of, and it is called Pachinko World.

The same applies if you want to play the game online. It’s not hugely popular and isn’t therefore a part of many casinos offering. If you can’t find any online casinos offering pachinko, you might want to try searching for plinko, which is a similar game.

Why Is Pachinko so Popular?

In Japan, Pachinko is popular simply because it has been present long enough and people have fallen in love with it. It’s the same reason why slots are popular in the US. 

On the other hand, Pachinko is not very popular in America. Still, many online casino players enjoy playing pachislots because it offers something different and new compared to what US players are used to.

Pachinko Tips & Cheats

The chances you’ll get to play the pachinko game in a land-based setting is not that high, so we decided to provide a couple of tips and tricks to help you get started with online pachinko in particular.

  • Ensure a stable internet connection. The game may void your payout if there’s a problem with the network (the same goes for slots and other online casino games).
  • Always check out the RTP for the pachinko slot you want to play.
  • Only play on licensed casinos. Make sure that the casino offering the game is licensed and regulated.
  • Don’t try to look for payout patterns. Online pachinko is purely a game of chance.
  • Set a loss limit. Be sure to plan your budget before playing pachinko online and stick to it


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