Perfect Pairs Blackjack for Real Money

perfect-pairs-blackjackThere is a great playing Blackjack game you will readily come across when playing at any Microgaming Casinos and this one of several variants of Blackjack that use the European Blackjack game as the base game but offer you a range of bonus payouts when you have opted to place a special optional side bet, and this game is the Perfect Pairs Blackjack game. This game uses two decks of cards and has a base game house edge of 0.42%.

Multi Hand versus Single Hand Variant

In a fairly unusual move, Microgaming have opted to make their Perfect Pairs Blackjack game only available as one of their multi hand games, however you can choose to play just one hand per game if you like, but you will have the option of playing up to five hands per game.

The bonus bet option which we will enlighten you on shortly can be placed on any or all of the hands you choose to put into play. This game for reference is one of their Gold Series Blackjack games so it boasts a set of fully enhanced graphics which make it a highly attractive and very easy on the eye type of Blackjack game to play.

Bonus Betting Opportunities

There is one optional side bet you can place alongside you base bet when playing this Perfect Pairs Blackjack game, and to place this wager you need to click your chips on to the Perfect Pairs betting box located slightly to the left of the main base game betting box.

The aim of you placing this side bet option is not very difficult to understand, you will receive a bonus payout as soon as your initial two card hand results in you receiving any pair of cards, these cards must be matching and as such you will receive a winning payout when for example you get dealt out two 4’s but no bonus payout is awarded if you get unalike 10 valued cards dealt out such as a Jack and a Queen.

There are in fact three different payouts on offer which include a 30 to 1 winning side bet payout when your pair of cards are in the same suit. A payout of some 15 to 1 is awarded if the pair of cards shares the same colour, and any mixed suited pair of cards dealt out to you as your initial two cards will see you being awarded a bonus payout of 5 to 1.

Dealer and Player Rules

If you have ever played European Blackjack for real money before then you will not have any problems in regards to how to play this game as apart from the optional side betting opportunity all of the base game betting decisions and playing rules are the same as are found on the European blackjack game variant.

As such you will find that there are two full decks of playing cards in the shoe of this game that get shuffled before a new game is started. As soon as the dealer’s hand is worth a 17, and that is either a soft or hand 17 he will stand his hand. The real money Perfect pairs Blackjack game is one of Microgaming’s no peek games, so the Dealer only ever deals himself one card and then will wait until you have played off your hand before dealing his remaining cards to his hand.

As soon as you get dealt out an initial two card hand which boast a value of a hard nine, ten or eleven the Dealer will offer you the option of doubling down on that hand, you need to pay for getting that one extra card and the fee charged will be the same amount as the one you placed as your initial wager.

If you get dealt out a pair of matching cards the Dealer will let you split them but you are only able to split your hand once and when you have split any pair of Aces then you can have multiple cards dealt out to each Ace, you cannot however split a pair of unalike 10 valued cards such as a Jack and a King.

Payouts and Playing Tips

We have already enlightened you on the bonus bet winning payouts, so let us now let you know about what you stand to win via the base game. There are no nasty surprises in store for you when playing this game as the base game payouts are of course industry standard ones, so you can expect a winning payout of 2 to 1 if you place a successful Insurance bet, 3 to 2 is paid for every winning players Blackjack hand and you receive an even money payout for all other winning players hands including any split tens or Aces that are dealt out an Ace to 10 respectively.

Should you be after a few general playing tips when playing this Perfect Pairs Blackjack game then allow us to pass on a couple of easy to remember ones! Firstly if you have been dealt out a pair of 2’s or 3’s as your initial two cards then always hit those hands but not if the Dealer is showing as his face up card a 4, 5, 6 or 7 card, if so then you should split your pair to form two new hands.

When you are lucky enough to have been dealt out any pair of 10 valued cards then never make the mistake many players make of splitting those 10 cards, as the only way to play them optimally is to stand those hands.

The Insurance wager may have a large winning payout of 2 to 1 but that bet is one that is going to suck the life out of your bankroll if you place it! The house edge on the base game is 0.42% but it will become much larger if you keep on placing the Insurance wager, so never take Insurance when playing this game for if you do your overall winning chances and your bankroll will diminish.

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