Online Roulette for Bitcoin

bitcoin-rouletteIf you enjoy playing Roulette then you are already probably well versed with the many different variants that can be found online, However, if you are looking for an online casino that has a few different Roulette game variants on offer and wish to play using Bitcoin as your preferred deposit option then do take a look over our mBit Casino Review, for that site will be what you are looking for.

Playing at any Bitcoin Casino site will see you playing in either casino credits or by using Bitcoins and fractions of Bitcoins as your chip values, when you play at one of the casinos that use casino credits your Bitcoins are exchanged once you deposit them into your account into casino credits, the number of credits awarded per Bitcoin deposited will vary from site to site.

When cashing out any winnings from a Bitcoin accepting casino you will have your casino credits changed back into Bitcoins at the same purchase rate value you got when you made your deposit, so you will never lose out when playing at a casino that lets you play in Bitcoins or requires you to have your Bitcoins exchanged into casino credits.

Below are the most played Bitcoin Roulette games found online, and much like every single other casino game category there are some playable Roulette game variants and some that are not worth your time or effort playing due to higher than average house edges.

Bitcoin Software Driven Roulette Game Variants

There are two different software driven Roulette game variants offered at most Bitcoin accepting casino sites. Below you will find an overview of each of them. Be aware that when playing these variants a random number generator is used to determine the outcome of each spin of the Roulette wheel played which ensures you are playing a fair and honest game.

American Roulette

5.26% is the house edge you will be playing against if you choose to play the American Roulette game at any Bitcoin casino site, and this is one of the worst variants of this popular table game you can play due solely to that high house edge.

If you do intend to play Roulette online then please do not play this variant, instead track down a casino site that offers the European variant below, as you will be getting much more winning opportunities on that variant due to its much lower house edge.

European Roulette

Do check the actual games list before you sign up to any Bitcoin casino site for not all of them offer the much proffered Roulette game variant that is the European game, this games playing structure and set of payouts boasts a house edge of 2.70% which does mean it is a game worth playing.

However, not all Bitcoin casinos have it available and as such may force you to have to play the above American variant and that games house edge is not one most players are willing to put up with.

European Roulette is really simple to play and there are a plethora of different wagering options on offer, for players who look for minimal risk when playing table games they will opt for the even money paying options such as betting on the odd numbers or the red coloured numbers.

However for a high variance type of game playing strategy then by betting on any of the single number wagering options you are paid out if those numbers you bet on spin in at odds of 35 to 1, so a series of winning predictions can turn small bankrolls into very large ones in a very short period of time.

The Bitcoin casino named at the top of this article offers multi stake European Roulette tables and this will enable everyone, irrespective of their available gambling budget, to be able to play their Roulette games at affordable stake levels, you can also play this game completely free of charge via the free play log in.

Live Bitcoin Roulette Games

There are many online Roulette players who have opted to play only Live Roulette games, for by doing so they never get that nagging doubt that something is not right when they have played the software driven Roulette games and have had a very unusual run of bad luck.

If you have played Live Roulette games before then you will already know just how good they are to play, however if you have never given these types of casino games a try and you are looking around for not only a Bitcoin accepting casino but one that does offer Live Roulette games then allow us to present to you the unique qualities of the variant offered at our featured Bitcoin casino site.

When playing Live Roulette the one major benefit of playing is that at all times when logged into the game you can clearly keep track of everything that is happening on and around the Live Roulette table, this is due to a live broadcast of that table being sent directly to your computer.

There are in fact two camera angles that you can keep track of both of which are shown on your game screen, the first is the actual betting layout and the Croupier and Roulette wheel and the other camera angle is a zoomed in shot of the Roulette wheel.

Once every player has placed their wagers remotely onto the Live Roulette table before the Croupier announces no more bets, then the Croupier will pick up and launch the ball and send it spinning around the wheel, the zoomed in camera angle will allow you to always see the ball spinning and instantly see where it has landed, and this ensures the game is fair, true and keeps its integrity.

Live Roulette is a multi stake casino game and when playing in Bitcoins you can play for any chip values and stake limits as long as they are within the table limits shown on the Roulette table you are playing on.

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