Online Casino Welcome Bonus

Online Casino Welcome Bonuses or sign-on bonuses are how online casinos attract new players to their websites. There are thousands of online casinos to choose from these days. These businesses must do something to stand apart from each other. Sometimes these online casino bonuses are not always as they seem on the surface, and bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Not all bonuses are created equal.

Best online casino welcome bonuses in the US

What is a Welcome Casino Bonus?

A online casino welcome bonus is what it sounds like; they’re bonuses that welcome a new player to the online casino. These bonuses are categorized in a few different ways, such as sticky or non-sticky bonuses, deposit, and non-deposit bonuses.

The deposit is the most common sign-on bonus. The casino will offer a percentage match on your first deposit. For example, a casino will offer a 100% match up to $1,000 on your first deposit or whatever their promotion is for that casino. This means if you deposit $1,000, the casino will deposit $1,000 on top of your deposit.

However, it’s essential to realize that specific requirements must be met before the casino officially recognizes said bonus as withdrawable currency.

You might find some casinos that offer no deposit bonuses. A no deposit bonus lets players enter the casino and try out different games before they wager any of their own money. However, nine times out of ten players will not be able to withdraw any type of winnings off of those no deposit bonuses.

Despite that, a no deposit bonus is a good option for new players, so they can familiarize themselves with the casino and their games before they risk any of their own money.

The Legality of Welcome Bonuses in the U.S.

Welcome bonuses are entirely legal on a federal level; no laws prohibit online casinos from offering players welcome bonuses. Be that as it may, every state in the Union has its own views and gambling regulations. So it’s essential to check out the laws in the condition that you reside in as far as welcome bonuses and gambling on the internet.

New Jersey

New Jersey has some of the most Progressive gambling laws in the country. There are thousands of online casinos are under the Restriction state laws and guidelines. Since online casinos in New Jersey are regulated, they offer the best bonus requirements.

NJ Casino Guide


Pennsylvania recently signed laws making gambling legal with the state. However, there aren’t as many casinos. Pennsylvania’s welcome bonuses are relatively average in terms of online casinos. Make sure to check our guide to Pennsylvanian casinos for more information.

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West Virginia

With only a handful of online casinos operating legally within West Virginia, the bonuses seemed to match the rest of the internet and left them up to the casinos. Most offer 100% matches on first deposits and a few dollars towards no-deposit bonuses.

WV Casino Guide


Although Michigan is the most recent state to come on board with online gambling, they offer some pretty enticing promotions for their residence. The state will be using tax deductions and offering new players some pretty impressive bonuses over the next three years.

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Types of Bonuses

When online casinos offer sign-on bonuses, the perks don’t just stop at the door. These bonuses keep the players coming back, so to keep the customers happy, casinos will keep coming up with new and exciting ways to reward players.

Besides welcome bonuses, online casinos offer a wide array of extras for their customers. Such as:

Reload bonuses: These are pretty much just the same as a welcome bonus, but since a welcome bonus is a one-time deal, please reload bonuses for existing customers. Although it works in the same manner, the player will be mashed a percentage on their deposits. These types of bonuses are pretty frequent, and some casinos even offer them weekly.

Free Spin bonuses: This type of bonus for slots and is sometimes offered as a sign-on bonus. For this bonus, the casino will get players free spins on the slot machine.

Cashback bonuses: Cashback bonuses are excellent. With cashback bonuses, the casino offers a player a percentage of cash back on their losses. Although usually small, around 5 to 10% of casinos will generally provide them weekly or monthly, allowing their customers to recoup some of the money that they have lost over that time.

Loyalty or VIP bonus: The majority of the larger casinos will offer VIP bonuses, usually to players who spend a lot of money in their establishments. Many casinos utilize different statuses of the VIP bonus. Depending on where they stand in the situation, these bonuses can mean anything. In most cases, casinos won’t divulge that information.

How Do Welcome Bonuses Work?

As you finish registering for the casino and you have made your first deposit, the welcome bonus reward will go into effect. Say the casino is offering a sign-on bonus that is a 100% match up to $500.

To get that bonus, you would have to make a minimum deposit, usually around $20, to receive the 100% match. So if you claimed the bonus immediately, you would need to wager it until it has met the wagering requirements of the casino you are gambling at that time.

Similarly, a weighting requirement means you must wager that bonus a prespecified number of times before it can be considered withdrawable currency. With that, every gambling establishment will have its own waging requirements that they have set in place. These will differ for each individual casino ( unless in a state casino); the standard is usually about 40x.

It is also essential to pay attention to all the fine print regarding how these different establishments deal with their sign-on bonuses. Some might have what they call “sticky” and “non-sticky” bonuses.

Whenever a bonus is designated with the sticky tag, the player cannot withdraw these bonuses. However, once you have met all of your waging requirements, you will then be able to withdraw the winnings from those bonuses but not the actual bonus.

With that, we come to the non-sticky bonus. This type of bonus is better for players since they are allowed to withdraw their bonuses as winnings once they have met all waging requirements.

Typical Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are usually pretty standard throughout all casinos. Regardless you should be aware and well-versed in all the terms and conditions before you accept any bonuses. All bonuses are not created equal.

Minimum deposit: When it comes to any deposit bonuses, the casino will have a minimum deposit set in place. This means you must deposit at least that much money to eligible for the prize.

Waging requirements: A typical waiting requirement found on the internet today is 40x. This means you must play through the wager 40 times before it can be eligible or withdrawn ( if a non-sticky bonus).

Time limit: Sign-on bonuses come with an expiration date. Usually, they will need to be claimed within 30 days from the time you signed up.

Excluded games: Some games in the casino may not be contributed to the playthrough of your bonuses, i.e., blackjack, craps, and warm baccarat.

Withdrawal limits: If playing on a no deposit bonus, casinos will often limit the amount of money you can win.

All withdrawals of winnings are subject to verification procedures. When you have withdrawn your winnings, the casino will ask for the proper paperwork to make sure that you are complying with all anti-laundering regulations.

Advantages of Welcome Bonuses

Undoubtedly, some of these welcome bonuses can be pretty lucrative for players to understand how they work and use them correctly. Below is a list of the few advantages online bonuses have to offer

They allow players to get a head start. If you are a new inexperienced player, welcome bonuses will enable you to get ahead by trying out the different games. It allows new players to learn without risking any money upfront.

They allow players to try new games. With the numerous amount of games that can be found in an online casino, it can be overwhelming. Casinos will offer these bonuses so that you may be able to learn how to play different variants of your favorite game or learn how to play a new game altogether.

They reduce the chances of losing more money. Welcome bonuses allow players to wager more money without taking on as much risk. If they lose, they aren’t losing as much of their own money. On the other hand, if they win well, that bonus has done its job correctly.

They incentivize returning to the casino. These bonuses often serve as ways to keep players coming back and spending money. Therefore, receiving bonuses is always a plus.

How to Choose the Best Welcome Bonus?


There are a few key elements to look over when determining which welcome bonus is right for you. We’ll review them below.


  • Validity Period: This is a critical aspect to look for when choosing a sign-on bonus. What good is an extra $1,000 if you only have 24 hours to gamble in 50 times before you can even think about collecting on that bonus? It is crucial to see how long you have to bet within terms of the bonus.
  • Playthrough or waiting requirements: All casinos will have their own waging requirements set in place. However, some are better than others; I have seen them as low as 10x and some as high as 50x. Unless you have significant time and money to play through, the opportunity may not be advantageous to collect your bonus winnings. It’s always better to have a casino with lower waging requirements.
  • Percentage: Percentages are an important component because that is how much the casino will match on your deposit. The average percentage match is 100%, although I have seen them up to 500%. Any way you look at it, that is a pretty generous offer that will allow you to play for some time at the tables.
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You’re Ready to Play!

The old saying goes, “The House always wins.” Casinos win the second a new player walks through the door or logs into the online platform. For the players, it’s all about fun and entertainment.

Even so, welcome bonuses can be a very enticing way to lure new players into their online casinos. On the surface, these bonuses may seem incredible or even almost too good to be true. Sometimes that’s the truth.

That’s why it is all ways to do some research before getting involved. However, if chosen wisely and played correctly, some of these sign-on bonuses can end up being very lucrative for some players.

The key points to take away from this article are:

  • Make sure you’re always gambling and a licensed, reputable casino.
  • Welcome bonuses allow you to play your favorite games for more extended periods with better chances to win.
  • Not all bonuses are created equally. Although, now your ability to take advantage of these bonuses will be at an all-time high.
  • Understand how the bonuses work, so there are no surprises at the end of the day.

Lastly and most importantly, gambling is a recreational hobby and is meant for entertainment purposes. Always keep an eye on your bankroll and gamble responsibly!