Best Real Time Gaming Video Poker Pay Tables

As you will have found out if you have been reading through our Online Casino Games Secrets Uncovered and Exposed article, there are lots of different pay tables that can be attached to video poker games available at Real Time Gaming Casinos, and there is going to be something of a fine art that you will have to acquire in being able to spot the pay tables that are going to offer you the highest long term payout percentages on those games.

As it is possible to have one of three pay tables attached to each and every RTG video poker game we have chosen to list below the long term expected payout percentages that each of those three pay tables will return to players on each of RTG’s available video poker game variants.

Remember the reason why the pay tables are adjustable on all Real Time gaming video poker games is down to the fact that many casino using the RTG gaming platform and range of games are known for having a high bonus business model and as such the bonuses you will have made available to you when playing at any sites using RTG software are often the most generous and largest valued ones online.

The price to be paid for claiming those huge bonuses and taking full advantage of them is that the pay tables on these following video poker games may not return the same RTP’s as other software providers’ and casino game designers video poker games do.

Jacks or Better – The Jacks or Better game found in all RTG casino sites is going to have one of three different pay tables attached to it, you should be hunting for the industry standard one which will return an RTP of 99.54%, however here are two other pay tables that can be attached to this game which will either return an RTP of some 97.30% or an even lower RTP of 95.00%.

Joker Poker – We doubt you are going to find any RTG casino site offering the two better paying pay tables on the Joker Poker game variant for if you do the RTP’s of those two better paying pay tables are 100.18% and 100.05% respectively, what you are more likely to find is the pay table on which the long term expected payout percentage is a much lower 98.48%.

Deuces Wild – If you find the Deuces Wild video poker game designed by RTG that has the best pay table attached to it you will be in a winning position for the RTP of that variant is a massive 100.75%, however, it is much more likely that you will come across the more standard pay tables on which you will get RTP’s of either 98.91% or 97.97%.

Double Bonus – Much like all video poker game variants found offered in RTG casino sites there are three possible pay tables attached to the popular and highly playable Double Bonus poker game, these three pay tables will return RTP’s of 100.17%, 99.37% and 98.57% respectively, and as you are unlikely to find the highest paying one in any Real Time Gaming casino try and locate the second pay table as that will offer you more winning chances obviously than the worst paying pay table.

Bonus Poker – The Bonus Poker game which is a multi stake game found in all RTG casinos also comes with three possible pay tables, and depending on where you play you will find these three pay tables returns RTP’s of 99.17%, 99.07% and  98.96%. The highest paying one should of course be the one you are always on the lookout for.

Double-Double – You should be wary when you choose to play this variant of video poker for the pay tables attached to it vary in regards to the RTP’s you will be up against, and the three possible pay tables will each return an RTP of either 98.98%,  98.49% or 97.86%, the lowest pay table often results in you having more chances of winning by not actually playing that game but playing a slot game instead as many online slots have higher RTP’s than the 97.86% payout percentage of that video poker game variant.

Pick’em Poker – One final video poker game that you may have an enjoyable time playing is the Real Time Gaming exclusive Pick ‘Em Poker game, three pay tables are found attached to these variants at different RTG casino sites and the RTP’s of each of them are 99.95% 99.45% and a much lower 98.74%.

Play Real Time Gaming Video Poker for Free

If you like the sound of any of the above named video poker game variants then why not give them a try in the free play option that all of our featured and highly recommended Real Time Gaming powered casinos have on offer.

If you choose to play at any of our reviewed RTG casino such as Casino Titan or Grand Parker Casino you can play any of their video poker games completely free of charge and in a no risk format.

When you have mastered playing any of their many different video poker game variants for free you will then be able to switch over to playing them for real money at any time, and with some mega sized bonuses up for grabs you will get lots of winning opportunities and a much longer video poker playing session thanks to all of the bonus credits they will shower you with.

Plus by playing real money video poker online at either of those tow RTG casinos you are going to earn comp points on every hand dealt out to you, and due to the number of hands you can play per session and the high payout percentage offered on RTP’s range of video poker games those comp points will quickly mount up and you are able to instantly and automatically exchange and redeem them for additional playing credits at any time you choose.

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