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Roulette is the most popular table game found at casinos. If you’re looking for a way to play roulette free, you’re on the right page. In this guide, we’ll help you understand how free roulette works, how to place bets, and provide an updated list of the casinos offering free roulette.

Free games and demos can be accessed by visiting the game developer's website. Amongst our recommended choices are: Evolution, Microgaming, Play N Go, IGT, Yggdrasil and Play tech.

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Types of free roulette games

You can basically play all types of roulette free of charge. Still, three types stand out from the pack as the most popular, so let’s take a look at them.

American roulette: this type of roulette is very popular in the US, and what makes it unique is that it comes with two zero pockets — 0 and 00. Truth be told, this increases the house edge, especially if you focus on outside bets.

European roulette: the European version of roulette is identical to the American one, except that there’s only one zero pocket, which makes this version a bit better in terms of the house edge.

French roulette: this is basically a sub-category of European roulette, as all the rules are the same, except that it also features the en prison and la partage rules.

The roulette tables

European Roulette

French Roullete

Know your basics: inside & outside bets in Roulette

Knowing the types of bets not only can increase your chances of winning but can also work out cheaper. Playing roulette requires the player knows the basics of bets and how they work. If you still a bit green about these, the below will help:

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