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European Roulette is among the three major variants of roulette and is arguably the most common. It features a wheel (37 slots) containing a single zero. This game offers several betting options, with multiple numbers and single number bets. When playing European Roulette, you'll find additional variations, such as Premium and Live games. This article covers the history of European roulette, the types of bet, and the top casinos where you can play the game.

Best European roulette casinos

How did European roulette originate?

In 1655, a French mathematician and scientist, Blaise Pascal, invented the first roulette wheel while trying to create the perpetual motion machine. This device’s gaming potential was quickly recognized by the French. In the 1700s, they utilized it for playing and gambling different games, though it wasn’t until 1796that roulette (little wheel) became a modern game. In the 1800s, roulette gained more popularity throughout Europe, partly because the government didn’t regulate gambling. Apart from being among Europe’s most popular casino games, roulette became part of their pop culture and instantly recognizable. There was fierce competition among gambling houses contending for roulette business.

Louis and Francois Blanc were French owners of a gambling house in Hamburg, Germany. The twins had lost their reputation in their home country after spending time in prison for stock fraud. However, they were gradually pulling back up in Germany, and they decided to distinguish themselves by introducing the single 0 (zero) roulette wheel. Before that time, roulette wheels featured two house pockets (00 and 0), totaling 38 pockets, and were similar to the current Las Vegas wheels. The house odds on the traditional European wheels was 5.26%.

What types of bets can you place?

Several gamblers are attracted to this game due to the wide variety of betting options it offers. The types of bets you can place in European roulette can be divided into two categories — inside and outside bets. We’ll discuss these two categories and their subtypes below.

Outside bets

Beginners are advised to make outside bets as it offers better winning odds, though they have smaller payouts. Outside bets are simple to understand as they’re made of number combinations. If the zero (0) is spun in European roulette, every outside bet typically loses. Here are examples of outside bets in European roulette.

Red/black Bet

The Red/Black bet is one of the most popular categories of outside bets. A player bets on the coming number to be their selected color. The bet pays out 1:1.


Odd/Even bets involve a player betting on the ball to land on their chosen number type — even or odd. The payout on this bet is 1:1 since the chances of losing and winning are almost equal.

Dozen bet

This bet involves twelve numbers. The table contains 36 numbers divided into three categories — the first part encompasses numbers 1 to 12, the second covers numbers 13 to 24, while the third consists of numbers 25 to 36. This bet pays out 2:1.


This bet is ideal for players who want to play safe. A player bets that the next spun number will turn out to either be a high (19 to 36) or low (1 to 18). This bet also pays 1:1 as the chances of losing and winning are almost equal.


Inside bets

Playing inside bets is risky because they have smaller winning odds. However, placing inside bets can occasionally be profitable as they have higher payouts than outside bets. These bets involve a combination of numbers or specific numbers. Here are examples of inside bets in European roulette:

Straight up bet Roulette

This bet is the simplest in the game — it involves only one specific number. The bet pays out 35:1 since your winning chances are smaller.


This bet involves a row covering three numbers. For instance, numbers 7, 8, and 9. The payout on this bet is 11:1.

Six-line bet

Similar to the Street bet, a Six-Line bet involves two rows (adjacent) of numbers. For instance, numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Winning this bet will earn you a 5:1 payout.

Split bet

This bet involves two numbers (adjacent) on the game layout. For instance, you can bet on numbers 7 and 8. The bet pays out 17:1.

What are the payouts for European roulette?

You may find different variations of European roulette. For instance, Mini roulette has different odds. If you’re hoping to make some good profits while playing European roulette, memorizing every betting option and the corresponding payout is essential. The chart below describes the payout you can expect after winning each bet.

Bet typeOdds (%)Payment
Straight (single number)2.735:1
Split (two numbers)5.417:1
Street (three numbers)8.111:1
Corner (4 numbers)10.88:1
Even or Odd48.61:1
Red or black48.61:1
Low or high48.61:1

Understanding the house’s edge in European roulette

Most roulette lovers prefer to play the European variation because it offers more favorable odds. American roulette has a higher house edge at 5.26% due to the additional double-zero (00) pocket. However, the European roulette has only one zero (0) pocket, and it significantly reduces the house edge to 2.7%. Applying the La Partage rule to this table, you’ll get back half of your even-money wagers if zero (0) appears. It further brings the house advantage to 1.35%, though this rule is mostly valid at French roulette games and is used in European roulette on rare occasions.

What you should know about the En Prison Rule

En Prison is a French word meaning “in prison” or “imprisonment.” In European roulette, this rule implies that your wager, on one hand, is put in prison. When making an even-money bet, if the ball drops on the zero (0) slot, the “en prison” rule implies that the wager will be considered a push.

Your wager on that hand will be put aside as a sort of side wager on the subsequent spin. If you win the next spin, you’ll win your bet with the imprisoned chips. But if you lose the next spin, you’ll lose your bet with the imprisoned chips.

This “en prison” rule reduces the house advantage on your even-money bet by half because you’ll always have a 50% chance of winning back your bet. With en prison rules, the house edge is also 1.35%. Using la Partage seems easier for the player and dealer, though this imprisonment rule assures you will place an additional bet (and play an additional spin).

Most popular roulette games

There are dozens of roulette variations, even sub varieties of European roulette. Here are some exciting roulette variations you may or may not have heard of. Well worth trying these for a new twist to the standard European roulette you are accustomed to.

Premium Roulette

This game involves a single zero (0) wheel and uses the same rules as the standard European roulette. It comes with exciting animations and realistic 3D graphics.

European Roulette Gold

Here’s an upgrade of Microgaming’s variations. It comes with an Autoplay feature, allowing you to choose a bet type and select your wager size while the software handles the rest.

3D Roulette

This 3D Roulette game comes with excellent features, and it stands out with enhanced animations and unprecedented visual depth. It also displays statistics on cold and hot numbers.

Premier Diamond Roulette

This game from Microgaming features superb sound effects and visuals and allows you to compete against other real gamers from across the globe. It allows you to make call bets.

Free vs real money roulette

Casinos typically offer players the choice between playing for free or actually depositing real money to play. Both have advantages. Let’s take a look.

Playing for free

  • It’s for beginners who haven’t played European roulette online before.
  • You can practice the game to perfection without the risk of losing your money.
  • It enables players to improve their skills at European roulette.
  • Some online casinos offer bonuses to gamblers playing for free, enabling them to see how they look.
  • Free play enables you to have a strategy to increase your bankroll when you fund with real money.

Play for free

Playing for real money

  • You’ll get a better chance to win real cash.
  • Playing with real money enables you to experience the thrill and fun of gambling in a real casino.
  • New players can enjoy the welcome bonus offers from the online casino.
  • Some online casinos reward returning players through a loyalty program.
  • Only real money players can play live dealer European roulette.
  • Real money bets enable you to win and cash out bonus funds.

Play at real money casinos

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