How to Play European Roulette

Full European Roulette Guide

European roulette is one of the two most important roulette variations, next to its American counterpart. Even though most of the rules are the same, there are a few differences that you need to be aware of when playing the roulette European players are familiar with. Read on!

Best US Casinos with Online European Roulette

First of all, let’s check out the best online casinos in the US, where you can find European roulette games from leading developers.

How Many Slots Does European Roulette Have

The European roulette layout isn’t that different from its American counterpart, as all the bets and numbers are there. The only difference is that there are 0 and 00 pockets in the American version. However, the European version has just one 0 pocket, which lowers the house edge a bit compared to American roulette.

This also affects the odds, as the European roulette odds are slightly better. Simply put, betting on a single number comes at 1 to 37 odds the European roulette, instead of 1 to 38 for the American version.

First, let’s check the inside bets:

  • Straight-up bet — When you place chips on a single number, you’re making a straight-up bet.
  • Split bet — If you place a chip between two numbers, you’re splitting it and betting on both numbers.
  • Street bet — If you place a chip beneath a three-number row, you’ll split it and bet on all three numbers.
  • Corner bet — If you place a chip between four numbers, you’ll bet on all four of them.
  • Line bet — If you place a chip on the line between two rows, you’ll bet on all six numbers from the two rows.

And the outside bets are:

  • Column bet — Place a bet on 12 numbers from one of the three columns.
  • Dozens bet — Place a bet on the first, second, or third 12 numbers.
  • Color bet — Place a bet on red or black.
  • Odd/even bet — Place a bet on whether the ball will land on an odd or even number.
  • Low/high bet — Place a bet on the first 18 or second 18 numbers.

Play European Roulette for Real Money

It’s no secret that most players want to play for real money right away. At this moment, you have two options — playing RNG or live dealer European roulette. RNG stands for a Random Number Generator, which means a code will determine the outcome. Of course, all RNG games on legal casinos are tested for fairness, including European roulette.

The other real-money option is live dealer European roulette, where you’ll meet a real dealer who is streamed in real-time to your device. One sub-category of live roulette is Auto Roulette, which features a real wheel and ball, but there are no dealers.

Either way, if you’re interested in testing your luck for real money, you’ll find plenty of options in online casinos, and we covered most of them on Casinosformoney US. Therefore, feel free to scroll up, pick one, open an account and start your European roulette journey for real money.

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