How to Become a Casino Dealer?

Casino dealers are one of the few at the table who know they’ll leave the casino with a guaranteed profit. If you’re interested in becoming a casino dealer, you should pay attention to a couple of things that could help you land a job in the casino industry. Let’s quickly review the things you need to know and how to become a casino dealer.

Where Can You Be Educated to Become a Dealer?

There are special dealer schools that last between eight and twelve weeks. You don’t need any prior education for them, but you must be of legal age to enter them, as they’re dealing with gambling. Therefore, depending on your jurisdiction, you’ll have to be 18, 19, 20, or 21 to enroll.

Of course, you might be able to choose the game you want to master. For example, if you want to be a blackjack dealer, make sure to find the appropriate course for it.

On-the-Job Training

Interested individuals can sometimes receive on-the-job training. This is not very common, as casinos often seek trained dealers, but it might happen if a casino is new and still not open. In that case, there’s an option to train staff, so apply for it if you want to become a casino dealer.

Of course, any prior experience with dealing or playing cards will be highly appreciated and give you an advantage compared to other applicants.

It’s Not All About Dealing Cards

As a dealer, you’ll have to develop additional skills that will help you improve in your job and, ultimately, bring you a better salary.

  • Every dealer needs excellent communication skills. Dealing cards means spending time with people, most of whom will cherish it if you can communicate your ideas and actions clearly. Therefore, learning how to speak with people is one of the most essential skills for every dealer.
  • You’ll have to consider all players as your customers. Learning a thing or two about customer service can help you a great deal. Sometimes, things can escalate if a player is on a losing streak or has had too much to drink, and you’ll have to learn how to handle those situations appropriately.
  • You might have to learn to have an outgoing personality. Some people have it naturally, and players are attracted to them because of that. However, if you’re not outgoing, you might have to learn a few tricks from your more experienced colleagues. Of course, if these things do not match your beliefs or personality traits, you should consider whether the casino dealer job suits you in the first place.
  • You’ll have to be in shape for this job. Besides having to deal cards for the entire shift, you will often have to stand for hours at a time (depending on the game). If you get tired or fatigued quickly, your focus might start dropping, which is never good for a dealer who has to be attentive at the table and with the players.
  • You’ll need impeccable attention to detail. This comes with experience. Some players might try to cheat or try some unfair plays, and you should be able to notice that and prevent it. This means that besides having an in-depth understanding of the game you’re part of, you must be aware of all cheating and scamming methods.

Casino Dealer Outfit

It’s pretty easy to recognize a casino dealer based on the outfit they’re wearing. Most casino dealers wear a white dress shirt, dark pants, and a vest. Traditionally, a visor was part of the outfit, but this has become less common in recent years.

Many male dealers will also complement the ensemble with a bow tie, while female dealers will opt for a cocktail dress instead of a dress shirt. The dress code will vary by casino, so in some cases, the outfits will be coordinated to match the casino’s color scheme.

Casino Dealer Salaries

Salaries for casino dealers will again vary by location. Dealers on the Vegas Strip will likely make more money than those at a more rurally-located venue. According to, the average income for a casino dealer in the U.S. is $83,351.

Keep in mind that casinos may pay lower salaries to their workers because it’s a common courtesy to tip your dealer. The act of tipping will look different based on the game you’re playing, but tipping at some point is expected, especially if you’re on a winning run. 

Final Thoughts: Is It Difficult to Become a Casino Dealer?

Being a casino dealer is not difficult, as it only takes a few weeks of training. Of course, some dealers are better than others, and there’s a reason why some of them are paid more. Once you master the craft of dealing cards, you’ll have to focus on people skills, which ultimately help attract and retain players at your table.

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