Responsible Gambling

Our Commitment to Responsible Gambling is committed to providing a Responsible Gambling environment.

We take the nature of responsible gambling very seriously and are dedicated to providing a responsible gambling experience for all our players. We feel it is important that all players have a safe gambling experience. We are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring the correct measures are in place to help you enjoy your online experience. 

While the majority of people enjoy gambling responsibly, for some, gambling can become a problem.  Please see below our guidelines and instructions on how to monitor your gambling’s activity to make sure it does not become a problem in your daily life.

Responsible Gaming Tips

Play For Fun - Not for Financial gain

With hundreds of games to enjoy, from blockbuster slot games, to simple blackjack tables, there will always be something to catch your attention.  Potential rewards may sometimes replace the beauty of fun play, leading you to chase the win rather than enjoying the amusement available.  Gaming should never be used as a tool for financial benefit.

Set Limits

Decide the amount you can afford to play, then set limits on your personal account to ensure your spend is kept under control.  It is very easy to get carried away and play more than originally intended.  Setting a deposit limit can be done by you from your account, and all new changes will be applied 24 hours following your request.


If you are losing, you will be tempted to continue to try win back any losses.  Do not do this.  Instead, take a break and clear your head.  You can request a time-out period setting a specific time block where you will not be able to log in to your account.  Your account will automatically become accessible once the time-out period ends.

Self Exclusion

Self-Exclusion allows you to take a break from if it becomes something more than just fun.  After you decide to self-exclude from any gambling activities for a given time, you will not receive any marketing material and any deposit requests will not be accepted.  Once the self-exclusion period comes to an end, your accounts are re-opened automatically.

The real world exists

With so many different games to play and experience, it is very easy to get lost in it all.  It can also be very easy to use gaming as an escape mechanism.  Gaming should never be used to get awayfrom daily issues and personal problems.  Keep gaming as solely a form of entertainment and a means for relaxation.

Remember to put on the brakes

How do you know when to stop?  Ask yourself these questions – How much money can I risk losing without affecting my overall life spend? How much spare time can I dedicate to playing?  Is gambling taking over other priorities in my life?  If the answers to these questions are not the ones you want to hear, then it is time to stop and act upon the problem.

Warning signs of problem Gambling

Feelings of developing a gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is a serious problem, but it is a challenge which can be overcome with the right approach.  Acknowledgement of having an addiction is a great first step to beating the problem.

Gambling more than intended

While gambling is a source of entertainment and fun for many, it is easy to get carried away when things are not going your way.  Just as it is important to relax and have fun, it is equally important to identify signs of gambling problems early on.

Have family and friends getting worried about you

Denial keeps problem gambling worsening.  If friends and family are worried, listen to them.  It is not a sign of weakness to seek help.  It is never too late to makes changes for the better.

What are the signs of having a gambling problem?  Ask yourself the following questions:

The more questions that you answer ‘yes’ to, the more likely it is that you are having difficulties with managing your gambling habits.  To get in touch with someone who can provide you with more support and advice, please contact one of the organizations as found below.

Getting help and where to get it

Gambling problems and the consequences that sometimes come with them can prove too difficult to deal with on your own.  That is why we recommend turning to organizations that are known to specialize in helping people with gambling-related problems, get better control of your habits or support you on your road to recovery.  Below are a few of them we strongly recommended you consider;

Gamblers Anonymous (U.S. and Canada) is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their gambling problem and help others to recover.  Gamblers Anonymous offers the hand of friendship to anyone who is looking to try and stop gambling.  You can visit the website here. (Canada) is a great online resource that every online gamer would benefit from.  People with emerging gambling problems can get support from the staff by visiting various options to see what might best suit the immediate needs of the individual.  Whether someone’s new to gambling or a regular player, PlaySmart provide information in a fun and interactive manner.  Visit website here.

GamTalk (U.S.) is an online community for anyone who has questions or concerns about gambling behaviour, as well as people trying to deal with a gambling problem.  The key purpose of GamTalk is to provide peer-based support and information for referral to relevant and other forms of support.  Talking about issues is easier as it is completely anonymous, free and confidential.  Visit GamTalk here.

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