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Video poker machines are fantastic; they are also known as poker slots in the gambling community. Video poker made its debut in casinos in the early 1970s. They are very popular among gamblers because they are easy to use. There is no interaction with other players or dealers. You can play poker without all the pressures of playing at a live table or even playing online. Being able to win at video poker takes some know-how and a little luck.

Best US Casinos with Video Poker

How does Online Video Poker Work?

Insert your money into the machine, and it will transfer into playable credits, which will appear on the screen in the credit bank. Once you have placed your bet, 5 cards will appear on the screen face up.

These cards are dealt out by a computer software microchip called a random number generator. Choose the card you will want to keep and dispose of the rest. The new cards will be down again through the random number generator, and then you receive your playable hand.

Is Online Video Poker Legal in the United States?

Online poker and the United States as a whole on a federal level is not illegal to partake. However, the states each have their own independent views and laws set forth about online video poker and other online gambling activities.

So when you search for a casino that has real money video poker games it is essential to check your state guidelines to see if it is legal or illegal to play video poker for real money at your favorite online casinos. There are currently only four states in the US that we have untethered access to online poker sites.

Video Poker for Free

Video poker players are allowed to play the video poker game legally as long as no money is involved. There are a few key differences between playing video poker for free and or on gambling sites.

There is no reason to sign up or log in to a casino account to play free VP. All you need is a connection to the internet or download a video poker app.

You’re most prevalent differences when you’re playing with fake money instead of real money. Is the software will keep track of how much money you won, but it is just fantasy. These free video poker game sites are really great ways for players to practice strategy and get a feel for how the different variances are played.

Video Poker for Money

Online video poker is probably one of the better games you can play for real money at online casinos in the united states. These games often offer the best odds and And best house edge.

You will want to choose video poker machines that are full pay. These are the best versions of VP and have the best payout structures and house edges.

It is essential to read and understand the pay tables before playing in risking any money. Some of the better titles you will find when you play video poker are jacks or better and Deuces Wild. However, playing for real money, you will need to sign up with a valid email address, log in, create an account, and you’ll need the abillity to deposit and withdraw funds on the website.

Important Terms for Video Poker

Action: This is the amount of money that you are wagering. Make sure to check the wagering requirements before you play real money video poker.

Bankroll: The total sum of money that the player has designated for gambling if their bankroll is depleted wise Gambler stops playing instead of Dipping into personal savings.

Credits: Is when you deposit money into a video poker machine, the amount you have to play with is listed as credits; if you put in $100 into a $1 machine, for example, then you will have a hundred credits to play with.

Expected Return: This is the amount of money that a player can expect to receive from the AVP machine over the long term. If you want to calculate the expected return in terms of the dollar, find the expected return percentage, move the decimal two places to the left, and drop the percentage sign. Next, multiply this amount by the player’s total wages to determine how much money you should be receiving.

Expected Value: Each play during a game has an expected value, which is the likelihood of its resulting in a payout. If more than one option presents itself, the intelligent gambler chooses the play with the highest expected value ( or EV). This is why strategy cards are helpful, as a list of the best EV for all possible hands.

House Edge: Normally expressed as a percentage, this is the long-term advantage that the household over the player for a specific game.

Jackpot: The top payout offered by video poker machines, usually a Royal Flush. In comparison, others might differ depending on the rules of the game.

The most popular titles often ever-growing jackpots known as progressives. In comparison, others have a top prize that remains the same.

Payback Percentage: The average rate returned on a player’s wage. If a game has a 100% payback percentage, the player could expect to get back all the money.

Most casino games have a payback percentage well below 100%. Still, video poker can actually exceed this number under the right circumstances.

Video Poker Hands

Below is the list of poker hands ranking highest to lowest:

1. Royal Flush — A, K, Q, J, 10 all the same suit

2. Straight Flush — 5 cards in a sequence, all the same suit.

3. Four of a Kind — All four cards of the same rank A, A.A, A

4. Full House — Three of a kind with a pair, J, J, J, A, A

5. Flush — Any five cards of the same suit but not in a sequence

A= Ace, K= King

6. Straight — 5 cards in a sequence but not the same suit, 6,5,4,3,2

7. Three of a Kind — 3 cards of the same rank, A, A, A

8. Two Pair — Two different pairs, A, A, K, K

9. Pair — Two cards of the same rank, A, A

10. High Card — When you have none of the above’s hands, just the highest card in your hand.

Q= Queen, J= Jack

Good Strategies for Video Poker

Poker strategy is just as important in video poker as it is in a live poker game. You can do a few things to increase your odds of winning a jackpot—a few suggestions about how to play video poker.

  • Five cards to never separate: Royal flush, Straight flush, and Full House
  • Four cards you should hold on to: Four of a kind and two pair,
  • Three cards worth keeping: Three of a kind open-end straight
  • Keep lower pairs over a single high card.

I will go over some examples that might be a little tricky to play; it all depends but how much you are willing to gamble; remember, these are just suggestions.

  • Example 1 — You were dealt pair of kings, but four cards are in line for a possible royal flush. You drop the off suit king and take your chances at a royal flush.
  • Example 2 — Breaking up a flush at a shot for a royal flush, You were dealt Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and a 3 of hearts. This is called a flush 6 to 1 payout, or you should drop the 3 shots for the moon; a 10 of hearts would bring in a 250 to 1 payout.

Things to Avoid While Playing Video Poker

One thing you should definitely avoid while you play video poker is playing too fast. Faster is not better. Similar to other table games (such blackjack) or another poker game variety, there is always some strategy involved when you play money games.

Video poker machines are entirely random, so playing fast will not create more chances to win. They are not wired to pay out after a specific number of hands have been dealt; every spin is entirely random.

Players should also avoid playing video poker machines without their strategy cards. Strategy cards are available for every device on the market and can easily be bought online. Having a strategy card will make playing video poker a lot more profitable.

While playing video poker, you should definitely avoid any superstitions that you may have about gambling. The majority of these superstitions or conjured up with some nonsensical ideas.

Some of these beliefs can be detrimental, like only playing a lucky machine or choosing a game because it’s due to payout. These types of behaviors will result in accelerated losses. You must learn to think for yourself as soon as possible and stop believing any gambling superstitions you may have heard in the past.

Five Tips for Choosing Online Video Poker Casino

1. You will want to choose an entirely licensed site by the country and state you are playing. Check for their license number and who they are licensed through, and make sure they are a trusted, legitimate online gambling establishment.

2. Another good thing to look for is the game selection and the number of game providers the website has available. All software companies developing casino games have their own unique twist for their games, which gives customers the abillity to search for more variations of real money video poker on the same casino website.

3. Welcome bonuses and promotions are other critical considerations when you search for the perfect casino website. Most casinos will offer a bonus for first-time depositors. Make sure to check out the various kinds of casino bonuses that online casinos offer during your search for the perfect casino website. We also feature deposit offers for any real money casino site that we review.

Some are better than others, so it is vital to shop around to get the most out of your money. Also, remember to check out their waging requirements. These are requirements that must be met before you can withdraw any of your funds. Make sure to read the wagering requirements and the game weighting before you play real money video poker. The lower the waging need, the more enjoyable your gameplay experience will be.

4. Customer service and reputation are factors that go a long way with each other when choosing a casino. It is crucial to determine how the casino has treated players in the past and how they treat their current players.

You will want to find a casino that has good customer service in case you find yourself in a pinch; you’ll be able to resolve it quickly with good customer service.

5. Available banking options you need to check to see what banking options are available before you make a deposit or an account at a casino. Most casinos will let you make a deposit using a debit card, a credit card or various other payment options.

Some options you can use to make deposit options include Visa, Mastercard, American express, discover, Skrill, paysafecard, Skrill, echeck or Boku. It is important to do research before you make a deposit real money into any online casino.

Five Video Poker Myths

1. The Royal Flush makes up a significant portion of the PTR — A Royal Flush is the most-coveted hand while playing VP because it pays for thousand coins on a 5 coin Max bet. This leads players to assume that the royal flush makes up a significant portion of the player’s return.

2. Royal flushes are paid on a cycle — The chances of scoring a hand that results in a royal flush are approximately 1 in 40,000. Some people take these odds to mean that the royal flush will be paid on some sort of cycle. The truth is that it doesn’t really matter how much you play on a machine. The odds never change.

3. Multi-hand video poker pays more than single hand — With multi-line video poker machines, you can play multiple hands in the same round, which weed some people mistakenly thinking that playing a multi-line game gives them a more substantial chance to win. This isn’t true because each multi-line game operates on its own deck.

4. You should avoid any game that has paid a royal flush — Although machines with real money video poker don’t pay a Royal Flush as often because of the odds of hitting a hand with a royal flush are 1 in 40,000. Those numbers are the same with every deal of the deck, so every hand you play has a 1 and 40,000 chance of being a royal flush.

5. Video poker machines run hot and cold — This belief is just not possible. Every machine on a licensed casino website has a random number generator, to avoid giving any players a unreasonable advantage, that quickly Cycles through / 2.5 million card combinations to determine each and every time, making them completely unexpected.

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History of Video Poker

The first poker machine was introduced in 1891 by a company called Sittman and Pit. A decade later, the first draw poker machine was raised by a man named Charles Fey. The early draw poker machine only used 50 cards, so the odds of being dealt a royal flush are half of what they are with a full deck of 52 cards.

In 1970, a company named Dale Electronics introduced the first video poker machine; it was called Poker Matic. Upon its debut, it was found in every casino that existed in Las Vegas at the time. Since then, video poker machines have not changed as much on the outside as they have on the inside.

With advances in modern technology, they have made the modern video poker machines as random as they can get thanks to microchips and computer software. These new machines are like no other we have experienced before.

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