Benefits of Flat Betting when Playing Blackjack

When you are playing games such as Blackjack you may be the type of player who likes to increase and decrease the amount of cash you wager on each hand at will, and whilst you will have some quite profitable sessions playing in this quite random way, you do also run the risk of increasing your stakes at the wrong time and then could lose once you have upped the stakes only for you to win a hand when you have lowered the bet.

This is of course the risk you take when gambling either online or in a land based casino venue, however you may be interested in flat betting, which is simply placing the exact same stake on every single hand you have been dealt out.

The thought of flat betting will not appeal to everyone for by knowing in advance what you are going to be wagering on every hand played, this may be seen as a rather boring and uninspired way of playing games such a Blackjack, but there are in fact several benefits of playing in this way and below we shall take a look at those benefits.

As you are able to play Blackjack online for various different stake levels, if this is a game you have never played before then do consider giving it some play time as with minimum stake being just 1.00 and the maximum stakes vary from 100.00 to 1000.00 depending on where you are playing you will be able to play it irrespective of the size of your bankroll.

How to Achieve the Expected House Edge

The house edge found in place and attached to every single type of Blackjack game variant is going to differ, often very noticeably due to the unique design of every Blackjack game variant. The aim for you when playing any variant of Blackjack is of course to play that game in the best way possible to achieve the expected house edge at least.

Obviously the house edge you are receiving will vary due to factors such as luck and your ability to play perfect strategy, however by stick to playing for one stake amount you will have a much better chance of achieving the expected long term house edge of the variant you are playing.

If you do increase and decrease your stake amounts at random then you do risk falling foul of the game you are playing house edge and as such you should try and play each hand with the same amount wagered and also master the art of putting into play the best playing strategy for the game you are playing.

In case you are wondering the best Blackjack games you should be looking to play are games such as the Playtech designed and supplied Blackjack Switch game and also the Classic Blackjack game found in Microgaming powered casinos.

The Blackjack Switch game boasts a low house edge of 0.16% whilst Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack game is currently the best one to play for it has the lowest house edge of any Blackjack game variant that being 013%. However, be aware that the single hand Classic Blackjack game is the one that has that house edge attached to it and not the multi hand variant which has a much higher house edge due to it having more decks of cards in the shoe.

Choosing a Flat Betting Stake Amount

If you wish to start putting into place a Blackjack playing strategy that will involve you flat betting and therefore playing each hand for the same stake amount, you may need a little help and advice in regards to just how much you should choose at your stake amount.

This should always be determined by just how much cash you have in your gambling budget. You should try and pick a flat betting stake amount that will ensure you get a fair amount of hands being dealt out to you during any one session playing Blackjack as that will possibly help you ride out any losing streaks you may sadly find yourself involved in.

You will soon discover that if you choose to play Blackjack online then it is just you playing against the cyber Dealer and as such you will find you can play a much larger number of hands per session when playing in the online gaming environment than when playing in the land based gaming environment, and that also needs to be taken into account when you are choosing your flat betting stake amount.

We would therefore suggest you aim to get at least one hundred hands of Blackjack per session you play in, and by doing this you will have more than a reasonable chance of having a fairly lengthy type of Blackjack playing session and one that with some luck and skill may see you locking in a profit.

So with this in mind we would suggest you divide up your gaming budget by 100 and use the figure you arrive at as the flat betting stake amount that you wager each hand for. So If you have let’s say 200.00 available in your casino account then stake each hand for 2.00, if you have 500.00 then start flat betting at 5.00 per hand and so on.

The most savvy Blackjack players will only be looking to make a small profit on each session they choose to play when flat betting and as such in addition to your choosing a stake amount you should also have in place a winning goal, and once you have increased your gaming budget by that amount you should then stop playing and cash out a profit.

The most conservative of player will look to make just a 20 to 25 percentage profit per session, so as soon as you have managed to increase your initial bankroll by around that amount stop playing and lock in that profit, so when playing with a 200.00 bankroll for example when you increase it by 40.00 or 50.00 then that is the point in time when you should stop playing and end that session in profit.

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