An Introduction to Live Dealer Casino Games

live-dealer-blackjackYou may already be very familiar with the land based gaming environment, and possibly be very well versed with playing the wide range of software driven online or mobile casino games, but there is another range of games you will come across and these are the online Live Casino games which offer a unique way of playing card and table games.

When logged into some of the more well known online casinos which utilize the gaming platforms for Microgaming and Playtech, as well as some of the less well known casinos using their own propriety software, you will often find a listing in the game menu to a range of live games which allow you to watch, on your computer screen real land based casino game in action and also take part in those games via the internet.

It has to be said that whilst many players logged into an online casino will usually enjoy playing the often very large collection of different Blackjack and Roulette game variants on offer, as soon as a few unexpected results come their way, more so losing outcomes, this leads to players often questioning the fairness of those random number generator controlled standard casino games.

Throughout our website we have several additional articles which are going to enable you to get a much better understanding of how Live Casino Games works and operate, and should you now be at the stage in your online gambling career when you wish to try something new than do keep on reading as there is a lot to learn about this next generation of online casino games.

Understanding How Live Casino Games Work

There are many ways How Live Casino Games Differ from Standard Online Games and as such you should be prepared for a very unique type of online gaming experience when playing Live Casino Games, for as they play in much the same way as a land based casino you are going to be up against the clock when placing your bets and wagers and it can be something of a fast action gaming environment.

You will not get as big a choice of games offered at a site offering Live Casino Games, however you will find there are plenty of different stake levels you can play for and thanks to features such as a chat room you can find they can be much more fun to play as you can always interact with other players and even the casino Dealers and Croupiers.

It should also be noted that the venues in which the Live games are broadcast from are highly regulated and fully licensed, and we have compiled an interesting article which will answer any questions you may have on how these types of games are closely monitored to ensure fair play, so do have a look at our article answering the question, Are Live Casino Games Fair as it should put your mind at rest if you are a little wary of playing these types of games online.

Facts and Figures Surrounding the Live Casino Game Playing Environment

You may be surprised to learn that as many of 10 to 20 percent of the players who log into an online casino will head straight to the live casino games as opposed to playing the standard software driven games.

The majority of online players will often end up playing the slot machines and video poker games alongside the standard random number generator controlled card and table games, however the small percentage of Live Casino Game players  have obviously found these games are enjoyable to play and offer something the standard games do not.

As you look around the web you will come across casino reviews, gambling orientated message boards and chat rooms on which you are likely to see all manner of myths surrounding live dealer casino games which are often presented as fact, and once again we have dedicated a section of this website to exposing these myths and once you understand how these types of games play and operate you may be willing to give them some playtime.

What Live Casino Games are Available and Where to Play Them?

As you may already be aware, we spend a lot of time and effort keeping this website fully up to date with every aspect of gambling online, and as such we would finally like you to have a look through another of our casino game playing guides which is going to show you the many different Live Casino Games available online.

Not only that but we will also point you in the direction of where you can play the many different games on offer, and as such do make sure you heard over and read our guide on Live Casino Game Types as that will allow you to read through a listing of the many different games on offer, and also find a casino offering each type of game and you may also be able to pick up a new player welcome type of bonus offer should you give some of those sites a try.

As we only list and review fully licensed and regulated online casinos and sites that have a solid track record in giving their players a fully rounded and enjoyable online gaming experience, you will not be taking any additional risks when playing Live Casino Games at any site we introduce you to.

It may take you a little time to adjust to playing these Live games when you first give them any amount of play time, but if the time has come when you wish to move up to the next level of online casino game playing, and you are looking for  a more community based online gaming environment, then we are fair confident you are going to warm to the Live games quite quickly, and with a bit of luck you start to get those winning hands dealt out to you when playing live Blackjack or live Baccarat or picking those winning numbers in games such as live Roulette.

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