What is a Marker in a Casino?

You may have heard the term marker before. But what is a marker in gambling? In this article, we’ll discuss how a casino marker works and what you need to know before you actually decide to use one.

Essentially, a casino marker is a loan that’s given to you by the casino. Imagine running out of money in your gambling session and not being able to deposit more funds at that moment. What you can do is ask a casino if they are willing to give markers and get additional funds that you can use to gamble.

Of course, not everyone can rely on markers. Read on to learn how marker gambling works and what to pay attention to.

How Casino Markers Work

Once you are out of money, you can ask for a marker. In that case, the casino will give you some papers you need to fill out and submit as a request for the marker. The relevant personnel will then check the papers and decide whether you can get one.

In these papers, you are often given a time limit as to when you need to return the money, which is usually within a month. If you fail to do so, the casino will contact your bank and seize your assets in the amount you owe.

Of course, getting a marker isn’t easy:

  1. You need to have a confirmed history of gambling responsibly and paying your debts on time. The casino will do a background check on you to learn more about your gambling habits and that you’re gambling on a consistent level rather than wagering above your budget.
  2. The casino will also check with your bank to see if you’re credit-worthy, meaning you don’t have any huge loans and are not late on paying installments.

Please understand that many casinos for real money that are available on the web don’t usually offer any markers, as they're mainly available in land-based casinos.

What Is a Marker in Gambling?

A gambling marker is technically a loan that you take from a casino. Only the players who are considered eligible can get a marker, which usually means they have a confirmed history of gambling consistently and have no loans to return.

Of course, casinos will only give you the amount they think you can return. If you’re a high roller with many assets and millions of dollars in your bank account, you are more likely to get a higher loan than someone with a thousand bucks left in their account.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, markers are generally a good thing if you’re a responsible gambler.

To get them, you need to submit a request which then needs to be approved by people who will do a background check on you.

Instead of taking a marker, you can always consider claiming a bonus, such as a welcome bonus present in many new online casinos. They are very lucrative and can extend your stay.

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