Avoiding Casino Bonus Traps

trapOne part of any online casino players experience that can often enhance their playing pleasure is by utilizing one of the many different casino bonuses that there are never any shortages of, however there is always going to be a whole host of small print attached to bonus offers, and it can be something of a fine art knowing which bonuses should be avoided and which ones are worth taking.

In this article we are going to take a look at some of the worst terms and conditions that you can agree to when you have chosen to accept a casino bonus, and would suggest you have a good read through it so you will be in a much more informed position as to whether to take a bonus you have been offered or not.

Maximum Cash Out Rules

One thing you must never agree to when taking any form of casino bonus is a rule that states that when playing with a bonus in your casino account you can only ever withdraw a certain amount that you have accumulated through your bonus playing session.

By far and away the worst rule found in some casino bonus terms and conditions is that when you have been granted a bonus whether it is a deposit bonus or a no deposit type of bonus you can only ever cash out a proportion of your winnings.

You will always have the very real chance of winning a sizeable chunk of cash when playing with a bonus and imagine how you would feel if you won say 1000.00 but found you could only cash out 100.00 of those winnings.

So be aware of these types of bonus rules and if you see it hidden in the terms and conditions section of an online casino you should avoid that site and that bonus offer.

Shockingly High Play-through Requirements

One aspect of taking a bonus that you are always going to have to be prepared to put up with are something known as play-through requirements, this is a level of play that you have to play in order for you to reach a position in your gaming session when using a casino bonus that you are able to withdraw any accumulated winnings.

There are some huge differences in regards to how many times you have to churn through your bonus cash and more often than not also your deposited amount before you can withdraw any winnings, and as such always see just how high the play-through requirements are before you accept a bonus.

Do keep a look out for any bonuses up for grabs that have play-through requirements attached to them of 20 or 30 times your bonus amount for those tend to be the better valued bonuses, but always be aware some casinos put in play extremely high play-through requirements on which you will rarely ever get to a point where your winnings are yours to keep.

Bonuses That Carry Over

Imagine taking a large and what would appear generous bonus, and then having a not so great casino game playing session online and losing the lot, only to find when you make a new deposit into that casino you find the play-through requirements that you had previously not finished on the bonus granted on a previous session being carried forward onto the session you are about to play.

Well, that does happen at some casino sites, and there are various different reasons why a bonus play-through requirement will carry forward even when a new deposit has been made, so do pay attention to what we are about to tell you so you do not fall into this trap.

If you do not completely empty your casino account balance and leave some cash in your account when you have been playing with a bonus, even if that amount of cash is just one penny or one cent, then any additional deposits you make with often still be subject to the play-through requirements of the bonus playing session.

So when you have suffered a losing session with a bonus in your account always play off every last penny in your account to ensure the bonus is still not in play and attached to any newly played session.

Also another thing to keep your eyes peeled for is when you have been playing a slot but still have a bonus game feature in play, from time to time you may get awarded a free spins bonus round or a pick to win type of bonus game and not complete playing it off.

It you have a zero account balance yet still have a bonus feature game to play off then if you make a new deposit into that casino the bonus terms and conditions and of course the play-through requirements will still be in force on that new deposited amount, so always play off any slot games bonus rounds before making a new deposit.

Claiming Consecutive No Deposit Bonuses

Some online casinos will have written in their terms and conditions that if you take more than one no deposit bonus consecutively at their casino site then you will have any winnings voided.

This is quite a dangerous term to have in place as it is often the casinos who give you special no deposit bonus offers, and by not reading through the terms and conditions of the casino in question then if you do take more than one no deposit bonus without making a deposit in between each one you claim then you run the risk of having any winnings made on any additional playing session voided.

It is no surprise that more and more real money online casino players are now opting not to use or accept a bonus offer from any casino site, as with the terms and conditions attached to many such bonuses often being very long it is it often the case that a player will prefer to play with their own money rather than risk having winnings voided due to them accidentally breaking the bonus rules.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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