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Blackjack is a fun and quick-moving game and is one of the most popular table games at any casino. Here at Casinosformoney Canada we bring some of the most popular online casinos offering not only the best blackjack bonuses but also some of the casinos with the best selection of blackjack variations.

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The blackjack table

The semi-circular table is typical of the Blackjack game. Each player has their own circle or square.

blackjack table

no strategy

The most important strategy to avoid is not having one. While Basic Strategy is the best course of action when it comes to hitting or standing, there are also betting strategies to employ.  The player needs to plan what to do if they find themselves ahead by an amount close to their initial buy-in. They also have to have a plan to limit their losses.

insufficient blackjack bank roll
A minimum buy-in amount is usually around 40 times the minimum bet. For a $5 table, that’s at least $200. The reason for the bankroll is so that the player can have sufficient chips to double down and split pairs when Basic Strategy dictates. It also allows the player to withstand a run of four or five winning hands by the dealer.

not doubling or splitting blackjack
To minimize the house edge in blackjack, the player needs to double and split according to Basic Strategy. The dealer, or house in this case, doesn’t have those options, so the player gains an advantage. By not taking that option, the player is giving the edge back to the house.

playing of too long
Over time players win about 48% of the hands in blackjack. That makes it possible to play for a pretty long period of time on a sufficient bankroll. It also means that there will be winning streaks and losing streaks. If the player has a good run, they should take their winnings off the table.

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