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There are different versions of the game, mainly American, European and French but there are others. It isn't very hard to understand and only requires you to know a few rules, this fact that is partly responsible for its popularity. Here we have a selection of some of the top casinos offering the best variety of roulette games.

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How roulette works

A roulette wheel has slots that are identified by numbers, which are not in sequential order. The numbers are either red or black, alternating by number. On American tables, there are also a 0 and 00 that are colored green.

On European and French tables, there is a green 0 slot, but no 00. Therefore, an American roulette wheel provides the largest house edge at about 5.3%. The European wheel advantage is 2.7%, and on the French wheel, it’s reduced to 1.35% due to some differing rules with European roulette. The game is very simple, as the dealer spins the wheel and rolls a small white ball in the opposite direction. Eventually, the ball settles into one of the slots in front of a number, and bets are paid out. In roulette, every player generally buys in and is given chips of a unique color. This differentiates the bets for each player and makes it easier for the dealer to pay the proper player.

Choosing which bet to make

On the betting portion of the table, all 37 or 38 numbers are individually shown. The numbers on the table are in order of lowest to highest, not in the order that they are on the wheel. They are arranged in three columns and 12 rows of numbers. There are several betting options, including betting on a single number, with an array of odds. The following are the betting options for roulette, separated into what are called inside and outside wagers or bets.

Below each is explained:


Inside bets are those bets placed within the numbered are of the roulette table. Placing a chip on any number is considered an inside bet and below are the different types of bets one can place.

Individual numbers 1-36, 0 or 00: The player places one or more chips on a single space on the table. They win if the ball ends up in the slot of that number. It pays 35-1, or $350 on a $10 bet.

Betting on two adjacent numbers on the table: The player places their chip(s) on the line between two numbers. A win results if either of those numbers is rolled. This bet pays 17-1.

Betting on three adjacent numbers on the table: The player puts chip(s) on the line at the end of the row and wins if any of those numbers come up a winner. The bet pays 11-1.

Betting on four adjacent numbers on the table: The chip(s) are placed on the corner where the spaces for four numbers intersect. The player wins odds of 8-1 if any of the four numbers comes up a winner.

Betting on six numbers: This is done by placing a bet on two adjacent rows with the wager at the intersection of the lines for the rows. The odds for this bet, called the six line, are 5-1.

Betting the top line: On an American table, this bet includes the 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3, paying out at 6-1. This bet is also known as the basket.


A roulette table consist of an area with numbered boxers as well as the area outside these boxes. This unnumbered area is where outside bets are placed. Outside bets, which form the second category of roulette wagers, do not use numbers. The below are the most popular types of outside bets:

Red or blacks: these are straightforward bets in which the player bets on black pockets or red pockets and nothing else. If the ball lands on which ever colour the player places bets, the player wins. The number on the pocket is totally irrelevant and players do not choose a specific red or black pocket. If a zero comes up, all reds and all blacks lose.

Odds or even bets: another easy bet is placing your bet on either odd numbers or even numbers. The chances of winning or losing with this type of bet are the same, the winnings pay-out will be 1:1. If a zero comes up, all players lose.

High or lower bets: Low bets are simply 1-18 and high bets are 19-36, again players cannot really go wrong with this type of bet which also has a 1:1 pay-out. The player simple needs the ball to land in any number in the selected range to win.

Column bets: a roulette table has 3 columns with 12 numbers in each. A player can choose to play on all the numbers displayed in as single column.  The player simple needs the ball to land in any number in the selected column to win.  Column bets have a pay-out of 2:1.

Because outside bets have lower odds than inside bets and provide the player with a higher chance of winning, the pay-outs are lower.

Play roulette for free

There are a lot of great places online to play roulette for free with the chance to try out betting tactics and to see if roulette is for you. Many casino sites also provide the opportunity to play free games. Roulette, with its wide array of betting options, is a popular and entertaining game. Free play allows for the opportunity to enjoy those benefits without the risk of loss. Playing free games gives the player a chance to experience the actual chances of winning. Practicing certain betting strategies helps players understand how to manage their bankroll and other aspects of wagering discipline.

Play for real money

In the United States and Canada, there are state- and provincial-approved physical casinos all over both countries. There are a large number of both commercial and tribal casinos in which to play roulette. Whether it’s the glitz of the Las Vegas strip or the rustic environment of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the game of roulette is the same. Table minimums vary, and the casinos change, but the wheel is the same, and the ball bounces as unpredictably on them all. The excitement and ability to play for extended periods of time with even odds bets make it one of the most popular games in the casino.

Play for real money here

European & American roulette

These are the two most popular types of roulette and essentially they are the original clones from which other roulette variants later stemmed.

European Roulette

The European roulette wheel contains 36 numbers, colored red and black, as well as a 0 that is colored green. The rules are essentially the same as have been described thus far, with the exception of the 00 slot. The lack of a 00 option cuts the house advantage in half from the American version to 2.7%. It also reduces the basket to four numbers, and the odds are 8-1.

American Roulette

American roulette carries the highest house advantage of any of the versions due to the presence of the 0 and 00. While the two green numbers offer more betting options, they also increase the odds against the even money wagers. The choice of the European wheel or French version decreases the American house advantage from 5.3% to either 2.7% or 1.35%, respectively.

Roulette variations

Besides European roulette and American roulette, several other variations of the game have arisen over the years, some more popular than others.

Live roulette

There is a version of roulette called Triple Bonus Spin developed by IGT and available at online casinos. The wheel of the game has an additional green 000 pocket and a yellow bonus slot as well. This version combines the traditional roulette game with a slot machine experience, similar to the Marvel version.

The yellow bonus pocket is a third larger than all of the others on the wheel. If a player places a wager on the yellow bonus, they get a chance to win up to 12,000 times their additional bet. All other wagers stand.

When the bonus is hit, the betting table is replaced on the screen with three additional spinning wheels. Depending on the outcome, the player can receive bonuses that can resemble slot machine jackpots. It’s a unique way to add even more excitement to the popular casino game.

Although the house edge is only 1.9%, that’s a bit deceiving because the addition of the 000 pocket decreases the normal odds of an American wheel. The house advantage is decreased by adding in the big bonuses earned by players that bet on the yellow bonus.

Other roulette variations

French Roulette: This style uses a European wheel and offers a return of half the bettor’s wager on even money outside bets if the result of the spin is a 0.

Mini Roulette: This is an online version that is played with 13 numbers. There are red and black numbers 1 through 12 and a green 0.

Bets on individual numbers pay 11 to 1, and the house advantage is 7.9%. There are also other outside bets available, just as in regular roulette.

Multi-wheel Roulette: Much like playing multi-hand video poker, this online version gives the player the option to bet on up to eight wheels at once. The odds don’t change, and the house advantage is the same as the single wheel version.

Marvel Roulette: Playtech has the exclusive rights to produce Marvel-themed casino games. Of course, there would be a version of roulette, which is also the name of a Marvel character. The game features a blue Marvel Bonus pocket instead of a 00. If the ball lands in the pocket, players that placed a bet on the option get to play a three-reel slot machine.

Roulette strategies

There are many strategies for betting on roulette. Most of them are some version of negative progressive wagering systems. There are also strategies for what numbers to play, when to increase or decrease wagers, and even observing the way the dealer releases the ball. The fact about roulette is that regardless of the strategy employed by the player, the odds of every spin remain the same. Unlike blackjack, there is no way to decrease the house advantage because roulette is purely a game of chance. The most important strategy to have is determining when to leave the table, either when ahead or behind. The player should decide in advance how much they are prepared to lose. They should also make a decision on what they will be satisfied walking away with in winnings.


Martingale system

The Martingale System of betting is a form of negative progressive betting, meaning in an even money wager, the bet is increased after a loss. In the Martingale System, the bet is doubled after a loss and returned to the beginning amount after a win.

The logic is that eventually, the player will win because the odds of winning an even money bet in roulette is almost 50%. In American roulette, the presence of the 0 and 00 put the percentage at 47.3%. That is the house advantage.

The major flaw in this system is that it assumes a fairly proportional number of wins versus losses. While over time that is true, there are streaks that occur one way or the other. The problem with the Martingale System is that the bets can get too large for the player’s bankroll.

Considering a case where the player is betting just $5, it only takes five losses to result in a bet of $160. If they lose again, the bet will need to be $320 to get back to even. It happens much more than the odds would indicate.

The other flaw is that it doesn’t allow the player to take advantage of a winning streak because the bet is always the same after a win.

D’Alembert system

The D’Alembert System is a form of negative progressive betting in that bets are increased after a loss and reduced after a win. It assumes that on even money bets, losses will shortly be followed by a win. In this system, the player establishes a betting unit on which wagers will be placed.

In most cases, the betting unit is one or two times the table minimum, depending on a player’s bankroll and the table itself. The first bet is always one betting unit and is adjusted by the value of a betting unit, depending on the outcome.

For example, if the player’s betting unit is $5, they would begin with a bet of that amount. If they lose the first bet, the wager would increase to $10.

If they lose again, they would raise their bet to $15. If the next spin results in a win, the bet would be decreased to $10.

This system allows the bettor to make up for losses with larger payouts when they eventually win. The flaw is that it can put pressure on a player’s bankroll during a long losing streak. It also doesn’t give them the opportunity to get more benefit from long winning streaks.

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Strategies to avoid

There are a lot of popular strategies to use when playing roulette. However, they rarely work because the game is purely chance and the house has a definite advantage. The most important thing to consider is that every spin has the same odds, regardless of past outcomes. The biggest mistake bettors make is to assume that if a number has hit recently, it won’t hit again for a while. Conversely, there is the idea that if a number hasn’t hit for a long time, that it’s due. One of the worst things a roulette player can do is to focus on the board that shows the results of past spins. Betting systems don’t consistently work because the purpose of them is to somehow beat the odds or affect the house advantage. Neither of those occurrences is possible since, in roulette, both are the same for every spin. The assumption that a strategy or betting pattern that worked in the past will work all of the time is flawed. The successful use of a strategy is nothing more than good luck during a playing session.

Tips & Myths

A few useful tips and myths – knowing both can help you have a more level headed approach. Good luck with the game.

Roulette tips

  • Always set a limit on what you plan to lose and a winning amount that will prompt you to stop playing
  • Don’t assume that past outcomes have any impact on what occurs in future spins
  • If you want to play for a long time, stay with outside bets
  • Negative progressive systems can quickly deplete your bankroll and shouldn’t be used

Roulette myths

  • Past spins are a good indicator of what will happen on upcoming spins
  • Negative progressive betting systems are a good way to keep from losing money
  • It’s impossible to lose very much playing the outside bets because the spins even out
  • It doesn’t matter which version you play; it’s all luck anyway
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