New Fortune 7 Baccarat from Bally’s with No Commission

fortune-7-baccaratThere have been many casino card games that have, over the years, been revamped and enhanced, however one game that has always been played the same way for decades is the game of Baccarat. However that is all about to change thanks to a brand new version of this all time classic casino card game for Bally Technologies have just announced the imminent launch of their brand new Fortune 7 Baccarat game.

You are possibly sat there thinking just how can you make the game of Baccarat any more appealing than it already is, for with just three possible outcomes to any game, players have always enjoyed playing what can be a very streaky game and one on which only a little bit of luck could see those players going on a wild and very profitable winning streak.

Well, it is the addition of not one but two side bet options which separates the Fortune 7 Baccarat game from all others, and as such much like many other revamped and re-launched card games you are now going to be given the option of placing a side bet whenever you play this quite appealing new game. But this game is also a commission free Baccarat game and as such you are not going to be forced to pay a 5% house commission on any winning Bankers bets you have placed.

Commission Free Banker Bet

This commission free Baccarat game known as Fortune 7 Baccarat is made possible due to some slight tweaking of the game play rules and as such you will benefit from the usual commission free Players and Tied hand bets in addition to commission free Bankers bets, however should the Dealer form a three card hand which totals 7 then the Bankers bet will be deemed to be a Push and as such your stakes are returned on such an outcome.

Two Optional Side Bets

Let us now enlighten you on what those two optional side betting opportunities are available on Bally’s new Fortune 7 Baccarat game. The first side bet you can place is the Fortune 7 side bet wager, this will allow the Bankers bet to become a winning one and not a Push when a three card 7 hand is the winning outcome and the winning payout for a winning Bankers three card seven valued hand via this side bet is a whopping 40 to 1, but only if you have chosen to place that bet in addition to the Bankers bet option as your chosen base game hand.

The second optional bonus bet you can place on this new Fortune 7 Baccarat game is the One Up side bet and this is going to see your side bet wager being a winning one if the Players hand wins by a total of just one point or if the Players hand wins by getting a hand valued at one point! The payout awarded for a winning One Up bet will be dependent on the hand dealt out, a winning 1 – 0 for the Player will be paid out at odds of 30 to 1 and if the Players hand wins by one unit then a winning payout of 9 to 1 is paid on the side bet.

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