High Stakes Online Casino Card Games

It should be noted that whilst you are instantly going to be able to access and pay a large range of casino card games for high stake levels when logged into most online casinos, sometimes your VIP level at one casino site will enable you to access a range of games for much higher stake levels than other players are able to access.

So if you are playing at any one casino site and you discover the stake levels on offer to you are not as high as you would like, then it may be worth chatting to your VIP Host or the casino support staff to see if they can raise the limits on their card games to allow you to play them for stakes levels you are looking to play them for.

There are of course plenty of different casino card game variants accessible at all online casino sites, and this high stake casino card playing guide which makes up part of our Complete Guide to High Rolling is going to showcase to you the best card based casino games to play for high stake amounts and introduce you to several highly recommended online casino that cater for high rolling players.

Configuring Card Games for High Rolling Action

You will find that when using any gaming platform and are accessing any of the casino games available at any online casino site, there will be several player adjustable options on which you can tailor your own unique type of gaming experience.

You are going to have full control for example on the sound effects that will be heard when playing any casino card games and you can turn them off should you so desire and you will also have control over all other sound effects such as the winning chimes heard when you have won a hand or the background casino sounds which many casino platforms play into the background.

You will also be given the ability of adjusting the speed at which the cards will be dealt out to you at many online casino sites, so if you are looking to play a lot of hands in a short period of time then this is course possible conversely if you are looking for a more laid back and much slower type of card playing gaming session then you can always adjust the speed at which the cards are dealt out to the slowest option.

High Stake Blackjack Games

There are two things that you should look out for when choosing an online Blackjack games to play for high stakes, first and foremost you will of course need to find a variant that does indeed allow you to play it for higher than average stake amounts and secondly you need to locate and only ever play a variant of Blackjack that thanks to its design offers the lowest possible house edge.

When you combine those two requirements and locate such a Blackjack game then you are going to be able to have a gaming session that will cater for your high rolling stake amounts and will be playing a Blackjack game that gives you the best chances of winning.

You will find that many Blackjack games will of course come with a different expected house edge. This is the theoretical advantage the casino has over each player over the long term. When playing for any stake levels but more so when you play Blackjack for high stakes it is hugely important for you to select a variant which has the lowest long term theoretical house edge, as by doing so you will have the best chances of winning.

With this in mind we would suggest you hunt around for a casino powered by one of the industry leading gaming platforms, Playtech and Microgaming for example are two of the main movers and shakers in the online gaming industry and when playing at any casino using their gaming platforms you will find the Blackjack Switch game and the Classic Blackjack game respectively at each site.

The house edge on Playtech’s Blackjack Switch game is low at just 0.16% which makes it a great game to play more so as you will be playing two hands per game and the stake settings can be set very high on both of those hands, the Microgaming Classic Blackjack game is a single hand game that has a house edge of 0.13% and as such is the most preferred game for high rolling players.

Be aware however Microgaming do offer a multi hand version of their Classic Blackjack game but that has more cards in its deck and the house edge is much higher than the single hand variant, so if you are playing at a casino using their gaming platform then opt for the single hand variant as opposed to the multi hand Classic Blackjack game.

Casino Poker Games with High Stake Options

You will find plenty of casino poker card games on offer at several different online casinos, and if you have never experienced playing these types of casino card games before then you first need to understand that unlike the more commonly available standard poker games you are not playing against other players when you play these types of games, you are playing against the dealer in a heads up type of game.

There are several different variant of casino poker games on offer and one of the most popular ones is the game of three card poker. When playing this game you can play two different games in one, however each game comes with its own house edge, and also be aware depending on which online casino you play this card game at they will also have their own set of winning payouts attached to this game.

You are therefore tasked with having to hunt around for the best paying variant which offers the highest winning payouts listed on both the Pairs Plus betting options and also the Ante Bet pay table, and also locating the game with the very lowest house edge, if you want the maximum winning opportunities.

High Rolling Baccarat Games

The one casino card game that appeals to a huge number of high rolling players is the game of Baccarat, and as such you are not going to find it too difficult to find an online casino that is both going to offer this particular casino card game and also enable you to play it for very high stake levels.

You will find High Stakes Baccarat games at most online casinos, and it is often the case that the maximum bet per hand you play is going to be around the 1000.00 to 2000.00 Dollars, Pounds or Euros mark. You will also find High Stake multi hand Baccarat games and when playing those variants you will be able to play up to five hands per game and for some huge stake amounts.

The main attraction of Baccarat is that it is a game based purely on luck, there is no skill what so ever attached to this game and you are simply tasked with having to place your wagers on one of three hands, one is a Tied Hand bet and if any single game ends in a tie this bet if placed is naturally a winning one.

However, the most commonly placed wagers on a Baccarat table are the Bankers Hand bet and the Players Hand bet, the aim of the game is to pick which of those two hands is going to end up having a score, based on the value of cards dealt out to each hand that is closest to nine. This game therefore has more or less a 50 – 50 chance of you selecting the winning outcome.

Where to Play High Stake Casino Card Games online

Now that you know just how large and varied the range of card games that can be played online for high stake levels, you will of course now be looking for a first class online casino that is going to live up to your very highest of expectations and will give you lots of extra perks based on your high level of real money action.

With this in mind blow we have put together an overview of each of our top rated casino sites linked into this overview are direct links to our informative reviews of each of these high rolling casino sites, and as such if you wish to learn more about any casino listed then simply follow the links to view our review of that site.

Royal Vegas Casino – If you want to play high stakes Baccarat or Blackjack games then we can highly recommend the Royal Vegas Casino site. They are an online casino that uses Microgaming’s gaming platforms and that means you are going to find plenty of high stake card games on offer on either their downloadable gaming platform, their instant play platform or their brand new mobile gaming platform.

You will also have access to a range of live dealer games when accessing their casino site, so if you fancy playing against real life dealers in a real life gaming environment but which to play those games from your own home then that is what these live dealer games offer.

Thrills Casino – You are going to have no problems what so ever playing card games such as Baccarat and Blackjack for high stake level when you log into the Thrills Casino site, and this is due to this recently launched casino site offering the entire suite of NetEnt powered games.

Their gaming platform coming from NetEnt is available as a no download one, and as such if you haven’t the time or inclination to wait for an entire suite of games to be downloaded onto your computer or your laptop then this casino is going to be an ideal one to play at, for as soon as you choose a game to play form the many on offer, that game will instantly loaded into your web browser.

Vegas Crest Casino – One of the newer online casinos to open up online that caters for US based players and is quite unique in as much as they offer the range of Rival powered casino games is the Vegas Crest Casino site. The range of card games whilst modest do all boast some quite liberal and player friendly rules.

Should you be a US based player who is looking for a suite of high rolling casino card games to play, and a casino that is not going to impose low deposit or withdrawal options on you then this site is worthy of your attention.

Virgin Casino – It is of course very important that any online casino you play at is licensed to operate in your own home country. We have seen a lot of major changes happening in the UK recently as the UK Gambling Commission are imposing strict new rules in regards to casinos that offer their range of real money games to UK based players.

As such if you are a high rolling card game player and you live anywhere in the United Kingdom and you want a safe, reliable and fully licensed and regulated online casino at which to play at then we can highly recommend the Virgin Casino site who we can guarantee will offer you everything you will require to have an unsurpassed high rolling casino card game playing session, whenever you choose to log into their online casino site.

Win Palace Casino – One final casino worthy of your attention and one that does have quite a large range of high stake Blackjack game variants on offer is the Win Palace Casino site. They use the Real Time Gaming platform and are famed for their higher than average bonuses and very generous casino loyalty scheme. They allow and accept US based players and are a fast paying online casino worthy of your attention.

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