Can you spot the odd one out in this roulette-themed brainteaser?

In our roulette brainteaser, you are tasked with finding the European roulette wheel out of the sea of American-style roulette wheels.

The team just loves solving puzzles.

When we aren’t trying to break out of our local escape room, you will find us competing over a game of Tetris multiplayer.

Besides being a fun team-bonding experience, we find that puzzle solving helps us sharpen our mental prowess, keeping us ready to win a hand of poker, blackjack, and other casino games which involve some element of skill.

So, with the help of our resident graphic design expert Davide, we created a roulette-themed brainteaser for all you online casino fans out there.

Try our roulette puzzle

The image below shows a sea of dozens of regular American roulette wheels with two green zero pockets, but can you spot the odd one out?

Here’s a little tip: the different roulette wheel is a European one with just one zero pocket.

So, keep a sharp eye out for the odd one out and good luck!

How did you get on? Could you recognize the European roulette wheel with just one green zero pocket?

If you couldn’t find it, don’t worry, we will give you the answer at the end.

If you found it, congratulations!

You should also know that there is a significant difference between European and American roulette, which any serious roulette fan should know about.

European roulette pays out better than American roulette

If you can find one of these European roulette wheels in a real-life casino, you will significantly boost your odds of winning at the game!

The reason is all down to that extra green pocket in the American version.

Remember, whenever the ball lands in one of those green pockets, the house takes ALL the money wagered on outside bets (color, odd/even, column, dozen bets).

What's more, winning single-number bets pays out at 35/1 (on both American and European roulette) - but the extra pocket means your chances of landing the winning pocket are slightly reduced on the American game.

In fact, American roulette has a return-to-player (RTP) of just 94.74% - that's low by casino standards.

But the European roulette version (also sometimes called French roulette) with it's single green pocket means the return to the player is much higher - with an RTP of 97.3%.

You don't need to be a super statistician to see the benefits of playing European roulette over American roulette. Playing the European version means you will stay in the game longer (assuming you use a sensible money management strategy), and increase your chances of winning.

Next time you can choose which roulette version to play, choose European roulette!

The answer to the puzzle

For those of you who couldn’t find the European roulette wheel., here’s the answer.

Did you manage to find the correct roulette wheel? Remember, a European roulette wheel only has one green pocket, and it is has a single zero in it.

Next time you visit Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or your local bricks-and-mortar casino, we recommend you ask where the European roulette tables are.

However, these can be pretty hard to find in the US. Land-based casinos don’t like to offer European roulette as it gives away too much of the house edge to the player.

Or you can sign-up at one of our recommended legal online casinos. The majority of these now include European roulette in their games lobby. With a higher RTP than American roulette, European roulette is far more advantageous to casino players.

Good luck on your roulette adventure!

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