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What Does Poker Face Mean?

If you just sang the popular Lady Gaga song in your head after reading the title, you’ve definitely heard of the term poker face before. However, many people still wonder what it really is. As it turns out, it’s closely related to poker. In this article, we will discuss the poker face meaning and how […]

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What is a Marker in a Casino?

You may have heard the term marker before. But what is a marker in gambling? In this article, we’ll discuss how a casino marker works and what you need to know before you actually decide to use one. Essentially, a casino marker is a loan that’s given to you by the casino. Imagine running out […]

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What Is A Slow Roll in Poker And Why Is It Bad?

If you are wondering what is a slow roll in poker, it means you’ve started to think about a very important aspect of the game — players’ etiquette. Poker is a game of steel nerves and “poker” faces, but when it comes to respecting other players, you need to have some manners, and slow rolling […]

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How Many Casinos Are There in Oklahoma?

If you were wondering how many casinos are in Oklahoma, you’ve come to the right page. This might come as a surprise to you, but Oklahoma actually has more than 110 land-based casinos operating in the state at the moment. Of course, this number might slightly change in the future as new ones open all […]

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In the Poker Game Texas hold ’em, How Many Cards Are Dealt to Each Player?

There are many kinds of poker games out there, and the main difference between them is how many cards each player receives when playing. If you have no experience with this version, you might now be wondering how many cards are dealt in Texas holdem. The answer is rather straightforward: each player gets two cards. […]

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What Does Insurance Mean in Blackjack?

What makes blackjack the most popular casino card game is the fact that it comes in different shapes and sizes. Each instance of blackjack is slightly different, and the difference is mainly visible in side bets that you can make. However, one side bet stands out as the most popular, and it’s called a blackjack […]

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In Poker, What Is a Straight?

A straight in poker is a hand that consists of all five cards in a subsequent order. Therefore, you have a straight whenever your card combination has five cards that increase by the minimum based on their value. For example, if you have 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in your hand, you have a […]

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What Does Gambling Mean?

The word gambling is defined by several sources as an act of staking or betting something of value, hoping to gain something of even better value but being aware of the risk of losing. Of course, gambling isn’t used for stock or cryptocurrency trading, but it’s essentially that. However, in the modern world, the word […]

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What is a Flush in Poker?

Flush in poker is a powerful hand that can help you win a lot of money in the pot if you play it right. Essentially, it’s a five-card hand with all cards having the same suit. For example, you can have a two, five, nine, jack, and king of diamonds in your hand, which makes […]

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Are Gambling Losses Tax Deductible?

If you were wondering this: are gambling losses deductible? The short answer is yes, they are, but only to the extent of the amount you win through gambling. It’s important to report all the money you win and make it a taxable income on your return. This is only available if your deductions are itemized. […]

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Which States Have Casinos?

The US is a casino nation, and many states in the country have casinos. If you were wondering what states have casinos and how many casinos are in the United States in total, you’ve landed on the right page. Please bear in mind that the casino industry is rapidly changing, and casinos open and close […]

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How Many Casinos Are in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a vibrant city, and casinos open and close all the time. Therefore, answering how many casinos are in Las Vegas is never an easy thing to do. We’ll give you the answer to the current number of casinos, but you’ll have to consider that there might be slightly more or fewer than […]