Are Online Blackjack Games Random?

Blackjack-TableDue to the way that the online gaming environment works and operates there is one question that a lot of Blackjack players will be asking themselves whenever they have had one or more sessions of playing this popular casino card game online and that is whether the game is completely random, and whether playing online Blackjack is more comparable to playing a slot game online whereby the game plays out to a predetermined payout percentage.

The problem with playing Blackjack online and it is not every player that looks at this as a problem, is that it is possible to play a very large number of hands per hour, way more than you could ever hope to play when sat around a land based casinos Blackjack tables.

The reason why you can play many more hands per session is that it is just you playing against the cyber Dealer and with no other players slowing the game down, and with the Dealer not having to exchange cash for chips nor manually pay out winning players then waste time removing losing chips from the table, the game is speeded up quite noticeably.

Now, when you are playing many more hands per session you will naturally experience lots of winning streaks but also losing streaks, this will of course happen in land based casinos but when you are playing quickly you tend to notice the losing streaks more than you would do when playing in a land based venue, and this is when players start to question whether online Blackjack games are completely random and fair.

All of the casinos we have reviewed and listed on this website offer completely fair and random Blackjack games and below we will enlighten you on how we can be completely confident that they do offer fair and true Blackjack games.

Verifying Online Blackjack Games are Fair and Random

As you browse around our website you will notice a number of online casinos showcased and reviewed, and as part of the vetting process that we undertake to ensure we are only introducing our website site visitors to the best online casino sites and we take a look at several aspects of those casinos.

The first thing we do is to check the actual software platforms that each casino operate on, by sticking to promoting casinos from the major software companies this allows us to be completely confident that you are getting a fair and random games whether that game is Blackjack or any of the hundreds of other games each site has available.

All of the casinos listed not only operate on a trusted gaming platform but they are also fully licensed and regulated which does of course mean you have help at hand via their licensing authority should you have any problems playing at those sites, and as part of their licensing process each casino has to have had their games independently certified as being random by commissioning a third party casino game testing company to audit and certify each game individually, and this is what they have all done.

Accessing Your Gaming Logs

Another benefit of playing at any of our listed online casino sites is that you are always going to be able to request and review your individual gaming logs for any session played on any available casino game you have played recently.

In fact some online casinos will allow you to instantly access your own gaming logs online when you are logged into the casino however, some casinos require you to contact the customer support team who will then compile your gaming logs and send them to you via email.

Microgaming software powered casinos for example have something called the Play Check facility, and this will allow players playing at any online casino using their gaming platform to instantly be able to view and review the gaming logs for any game they have played, and when logged into the Play Check facility you can go through each playing session and review each single hand at a time.

Choosing the Best Blackjack Game to Play Online

There are different game play rules and payout attached to every single online Blackjack game and one thing that you should ensure you always do when you are planning on having a Blackjack playing session online is to hunt around for the low house edge Blackjack games.

With there being so many different gaming platforms, software companies and Blackjack game variants online you do run the risk of playing a high house edge game that offers very poor value if you do not carefully pick and choose which Blackjack games you play.

The lowest house edge Blackjack games that we are aware of include the Blackjack Switch game which is one of the many different games offered at Playtech powered online casinos, and by far and away the best Blackjack game variant to play online is the Classic Blackjack game found in Microgaming software powered sites.

If you are still not happy or are not enjoying playing software driven Blackjack game variants that utilize a random number generator to determine the outcome of each hand played then do consider giving the Live Casino sites a try for they offer a type of Blackjack which is identical to that played in a land based casino.

When you are playing Live Blackjack online then you are being dealt out your cards by a real life Dealer which is based in a land based gaming venue and you are also playing against other players as these types of games are multi player games, much like when you play in a land based casino.

By playing Live Blackjack online you will be able to watch the Dealers in action via a video stream which is constantly fed to your computer and shows everything that is happening on and around the Blackjack table including the shuffle and the deal, and this is as close as you are going to get to playing land based Blackjack online.

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