Are Video Slots Better than Three Reel Slots?

thunderstruck-2-slotAs every slot player is going to have their own “special” slot games which they tend to play time and time again, the age old question of whether video slots are better than 3 reel slots will always get a different answer depending on just which players you ask.

However, in regards to offering you the best winning chances or which type of slot game is going to give you the most entertaining type of playing session, there are benefits and qualities of both types of slot games.

Below we take a closer look at both video slots and three reel slots and compare them to each other. The one main benefit of playing slots online, at any of our listed online casinos, is that you can freely swap and change the slot games you are playing, and with thousands of them on offer you are always able to track down those slots which appeal to you.

Comparing Stake Options

You are going to find it is the video slot games found online that give players the most diverse spread of stake options. Whilst you can play three reel and video slots for relatively tiny stake amounts, should you be a high rolling type of player who wishes to play of high stakes, the video slots will offer you stakes levels of five to ten times as high as most 3 reel slots.

Bonus Games Available

The video slots are the hands down winner in regards to the sheer number of different bonus games that you can be awarded with when playing them. You are going to find not only that main bonus games give you such things as free spins, picking game and all manner of other exciting types of feature rounds, but the base games also now come with lots of unique bonus game features.

One of the most recent base game bonus features are those on which completely at random one to five of the reels will be turned wild, and whilst it is quite rare for all five reels to become wild when these types of base game bonus features are awarded, when they do the amount of cash you can win off them are comparable to a modest sized progressive jackpot, and as such the slots offering this base game feature are some of the most played video slots around.

Do not think that if you play 3 reel slots you are not going to be able to trigger bonus games, for there are a handful of these types of games which can and do award some form of bonus game, but you do need to be aware they are going to be quite basic in regards to the way they work and operate.

The most commonly awarded bonus feature on a three reel slot are the spin to win, wheel based bonus games. When triggered you simply click on the Spin button and the bonus wheel displayed on the slot games bonus screen will spin, and whichever segment of the wheel ends up facing the arrow or win pointer when the wheel comes to a stop will be the cash amount you win.

Jackpots and Payout Percentages

The actual amount of cash you can win when playing both video slot games online and three reel slots will always be determined by the actual stake levels you are playing, unless of course you opt to play the slots offering a progressive jackpot.

You will find three reel standard slot games can and will award a different jackpot based on whether you are playing just one coin per spin or the maximum number of coins permitted per spin. Should you play maximum coins on single line three reel slots then you will often find there is a much larger jackpot available than when you play fewer than the maximum coins permitted per spin.

Video slots often let you not only adjust the number of paylines you play and also adjust the coin values but as you can play more than one coin per payline on the vast majority of video slots then you can increase the jackpot payout depending on just how many coins you set into play, so when playing a video slot offering a 10,000 base jackpot, if you play for example five coins per payline you have the chance of winning a 50,000 coin jackpot.

The payout percentages of every single video slot or three reel slot you play are going to vary from game to game. You should have a good look around our website for you will find a plethora of information that is going to pin point just which slot games boast the highest payout percentages.

You will find that three reel slot games can offer payout percentages as high as 99% and also there are a handful of video slot games which have payout percentage just as high! However, be aware that progressive slot games in particular do offer very lower than average payout percentages, for due to your stakes feeding the jackpot pools there is less cash left to pay the standard base game winning payouts.

Bonuses and Comps

You will be able to access and utilize most online casino bonus offers on either three reel or video slot games, and both types of slots will be attached to most casino loyalty schemes and comp clubs, so by playing any type of slot you will get awarded comp points based on your level of play.

If you do opt to take advantage of any casinos bonus offers then make sure you take note of any maximum stake level rules attached to that bonus offer, for when playing video slots in particular it is often way too easy to play at a stake level that breaches the casinos terms and conditions of bonus play, and if you do wager to high when playing with a bonus then you run the risk of having nay winnings voided by the casino.

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