How to Avoid Missing Out on a Progressive Jackpot

Progressive games are offered at all casino sites, and even at some of the newer mobile casino sites you are going to come across a large range of games on which you could win one or more progressive jackpots.

However, many players will play those games and due to the way that they are playing them they will actually have no chance what so ever of being able to win the progressive jackpots that are always growing in value on those games.

With that firmly at the forefront of your mind we are now going to let you know how to play a range of different progressive games in such a way that on every game you play you will always have a chance of winning their respective progressive jackpots.

The thing to always keep in mind however is that the actual chances of you winning a life changing jackpot win when playing nay casino game is tiny, but by playing the following games in the ways indicated you will at least have a chance of walking off with a jackpot, which could be so large in value you are instantly going to become a millionaire.

Progressive Video Poker – Fixed coin values are what you are generally going to find on offer on progressive video poker games, and as such you may have to do some hunting around to find one which is going to give you staking option that you can afford to play it for.

But do keep in mind there is only going to be one way of getting paid out that progressive jackpot and that will be when you play those games with maximum coins in play and of course get dealt out the winning hand combination.

Whilst you can of course win a range of non progressive jackpot payout when playing these types of video poker games you should always ensure maximum coin hands are but into play for you will feel very angry and annoyed should you be playing for smaller stakes and then get dealt out the jackpot hand and then only receive a smaller valued winning payout and not the progressive jackpot.

Progressive Slots – The number of progressive slot game you can play online is constantly growing, more so if you play at a Real Time Gaming site for example, for the casinos that use that gaming platform have dozens of Real Series slots on which randomly awarded jackpots can be won.

In fact when playing at Playtech powered sites you can play Marvel Jackpot slot and when playing at Microgaming powered sites you can play their Mega Moolah slot games and what all of those slots have in common is that no matter what stakes you play for you always have a chance of winning a progressive jackpot.

Those above named slots are going to be great ones therefore to play if you are a low stake players, however if you can afford to play for higher stake amounts then it may be worth checking out some of the fixed coin progressive jackpot slots.

When you play a slot which has fixed coin values you need to always play either the maximum number of coins on single payline slots or the maximum number of paylines on multiple payline slots for you to get a chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

Much like all other progressive game you should always familiarize yourself with all of the game play rules attached to the game you choose to play to make sure you know and understand how the jackpots are awarded, and then make sure you play those game in that way.

Progressive Roulette – A bonus side bet wager will need to be placed when you are playing progressive roulette, for without you having placed that bet you will have no chance of ever winning the jackpot.

The way in which the jackpot will be awarded to players of a progressive roulette game will vary from game to game and with that in mind always take a look at the game playing rules for by failing to place the bonus bet you have no chance of winning the jackpot.

If you choose to play one of the most played online progressive roulette games that being the game of Roulette Royale then you will need to place the bonus bet which costs you 1.00 and then see the same number spinning in fie times on the trot.

Be aware though that the bonus bet needed to give you the chance of winning that jackpot will stay in play on the game once a single number spins in twice on the trot and as such do make sure that you play the third spin and any additional spins straight away or you will never know if those additional spins will increase your payouts or allow you to win the progressive jackpot.

Progressive Card Games – Much like most of the above casino games on which you can win a progressive jackpot when you choose to play most progressive jackpot awarding card games you will need to place an additional side bet wager for you to have any chance of winning those jackpots.

You need to be aware that as some of those side bet wagers are completely optional then you need to place them alongside your base game bet so as to have the chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

Failing to place that all important side bet wager will result in you not being able to win the progressive jackpot when the jackpot paying hand is dealt out to you. If you do think that you are likely to forget to place the side bet wager then you will be best off opting to play the games on which an obligatory side bet wager is required, for when playing those games the game will automatically place those wagers of you meaning you never forget to place them.

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