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Baccarat is a fun and easy game to learn that is available at most online casinos. Many people think the game is complex, but if you learn how to play it, you will find out how simple it is. Besides being the game of choice for James Bond, baccarat has one of the lower house edges of any casino table games. Find out more about this card game or play at some of the best baccarat casinos below.

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The baccarat table

The baccarat table is not in a single standard size- it can vary. The Punto Blanco table for example (Punto Blanco being one variation of baccarat), is played a t table which spans 12 feet. Mini baccarat on the other hand, has the smallest table and can accommodate a maximum of 6 players. Irrespective of size, the table will look pretty much like this:

Baccarat Table

Baccarat tips

  • Bet on the banker – betting on the banker bet gives you a better house edge, even after taking a 5% commission.
  • Avoid the tie bet – The tie bet has the best payout, by far, but also the worst odds.
  • Play within your bankroll – Set a bankroll limit for a baccarat session and stick to it.
  • Never chase losses – Never bet more trying to get all lost money back quickly, as it is better to chip away at losses.
  • Know the table – Before you start to play, know the Online baccarat game you are playing, the stakes as well as the side bets available.

Baccarat myths

  • It is a high roller game – Many think that baccarat is for high rollers, but when playing baccarat Online, you can find games for low stakes.
  • Strategies increase your chance to win – No strategy will change the house edge for baccarat.
  • The outcome of the previous baccarat hands has an effect on the next hand being dealt – This is not the case. The next hand will have the same odds.
  • It is not easy to win playing baccarat – If you know the game and make smart bets, you can win money playing baccarat with the low house edge.

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