Feature Guarantee Instant Trigger Gamble Option on RTG Slotsplaying a high variance slot

non-spring-breakIf you have been having a good read through our Guide to Playing Real Series Slots and found the article in that set of guides that covered How the Feature Guarantee Works interesting then this guide is going to enlighten you on an additional feature option within the Feature Guarantee that is possibly going to make playing any Real Series slots built with the Feature Guarantee even more exciting to play.

As you will have learned if you have read the above named playing guides you will be guaranteed to trigger the bonus games on many Real Series slot if you make a certain number of base game spins and do not trigger the feature is the standard way.

However, as the Feature Guarantee meter is counting down each and every single time you have played one base game spin you can, on certain slots, opt to take the Instant Trigger Gamble Option.

When you choose to take this option you will then have to play a spin the wheel type of bonus game in the hope that you manage to trigger the feature at that moment in time, however this option works in a very unique way and you need to understand how it works and operates before giving it a try.

How the Instant Trigger Gamble Option Works

You can take the gamble option at any time, and when you do you will be presented with a special bonus wheel which is divided up into red segments and green segments and you are tasked with spinning the bonus wheel in the hope the green segment is the one that spins in, if so the bonus feature will then instantly trigger.

However, it will be dependent on just how many base game spins are left to be played as displayed on the meter that is going to determine just how many green segments on the bonus wheel there are going to be, so you will need to take this gamble optional strategically.

If you take the Instant Trigger gamble option when there is let’s say 100 to 150 spins displayed on the meter then there will not be many green segments on the bonus wheel, however if you choose to take this option when there is 50 or fewer base game spins displayed on the meter then there will be a much large number of segments coloured green.

If the green segment is the one that spins in then you instantly trigger the bonus game and will then get to play it off, however if the segment that spins in is a red one then you will not get to trigger the bonus game and the gamble option will end there and then. Either way once you take the Instant Trigger option when you return back to the base game slot game screen you will notice the meter will be reset to the highest number of spins required before you get to trigger the bonus game automatically.

Which Real Series Slot Offer the Instant Trigger Gamble Option?

Please do give these Feature Guarantee slot games some play time, you are going to be able to play them and give them your best shot at any of our listed and reviewed Real Time Gaming Casino sites and should you not already be a player at our featured sites then there are some very large and generous new player bonuses up for grabs at each of them.

Mice Dice Slot – This is one of only a handful of Real Series slot games that have been designed as a low variance type of slot, so when playing it you should get plenty of lower valued winning spins spinning in and forming which should hopefully give you an extended playing session.

This is a 25 payline sot on which you can trigger between 2 and 30 free spins when the bonus game is awarded to you. Being low variance the base game jackpot is quite modest in value at some 2500 coins.

Naughty or Nice Spring Break Slot – Probably one of the most played Real Series slot games which comes with the Feature Guarantee is the Naughty or Nice Spring Break slot which is a very recent slot game release from Real Time Gaming. This is another 25 payline slot, however when playing it when you trigger the bonus game you will see there are three different options available for playing off those free spins.

Polar Explorer Slot – You need to be aware that if you opt to give the Polar Explorer slot game any amount of play time online when logged into a Real Time Gaming software powered site you will be playing a high variance slot, so always carefully choose the coin values you are going to attach to the 25 pay lines on offer as the slot can swallow up a large chunk of your bankroll when it is playing in a cold mode! Three different types of bonus games can be triggered when you are playing it which does make it quite exciting to play.

The Elf Wars Slot – One final Real Series slot game that you may enjoy playing is the Elf Wars slot game, you can trigger from 5 to 50 free spins when playing this slot for real money and the base game jackpot does seem to be awarded at regular intervals, and when you line up all five of the jackpot paying symbols on any activated payline you will be rewarded with a 2000 coin jackpot. This slot does of course come with the Jackpot Guarantee feature and as such you will be guaranteed of triggering the bonus game with in a certain number of base game spins.

Please do have a good look around our website for we have several sections that are dedicated to Real Series slot games and by having a look around you will find plenty of additional information that should make picking one or more of these games to play much easier! Good luck if you do decide to give any of these slots a try, and if you do always use the Instant Trigger gamble option carefully.

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