Higher or Lower Structured Arcade Games

roller-coaster-dice-gameWhen playing at Playtech Casinos you are going to come across a wide selected of what are known as Arcade Games, these games offer a completely different type of playing structure from the standard casino games you will come across and are themed and designed around the type games commonly found in Amusement Arcades.

One set of games offered in the Arcade Game menu at Playtech powered sites are a series of games which have been designed as Higher or Lower guessing games, and as the name of this category of games implies the aim of the game is to correctly predict a series of outcomes based on whether the next card dealt out to you or the next roll of a set of dice are going to be higher or lower than the previous outcome.

Below you will find an overview of each of the currently available higher or lower based games offered at each of our Playtech software powered casinos, and should any of these games catch your imagination then simply click on the game name and we will take you to a more in-depth review of each of them.

Genies Hi Low Game – One game that you will certainly enjoy playing if you are seeking higher or lower guessing games to play online is the Genies Hi Low game. When you choose to play this game you will first have to pick out a card from 52 which have been fanned out by the onscreen Genie and that card is then going to be used as your initial card.

You are then faced with predicting whether the next card is going to be higher or lower than that base card or even red or black, the more correct predictions you may consecutively the more you stand to win, but do be warned when you make an incorrect guess the game will instantly end there and then and you will have lost the stake you wagered.

This game is a multi stake games and is one every player should be able to comfortably afford to play as the stake levels start at just 0.05 and can be increased upward sin value with the maximum stake per gaming being 5.00.

Roller Coaster Dice Game – If it is a dice game you are looking to play then Playtech have a great one of offer which is their Roller Coast Dice game, this will be found in the Arcade games menu at all casinos using their gaming platforms and can be a quite high paying game.

The way it works will see you first rolling two dice and whatever the score of those two dice after being rolled will be what you have to make a decision on in regards to whether the next roll of the dice will be higher or lower in value than the first one.

The aim of this game however is that you have to get a series of correct predictions and by doing so you will move up something known as a cash ladder, and located on that cash ladder are several positions which when you reach then will award you with a cash prize.

You are going to be able to collect and cash award offered to you when you reach each cash award step on that ladder, or if you wish to carry on playing then by making a series of consecutive winning decisions you can then work your way up to a higher cash awarding position on that ladder.

Around the World Game – You should have lots of fun and excitement if you choose to play the great looking Around the World game, for this game has been designed as a board type game on which you will have to successfully make a series of higher or lower predictions to make your way around that board and when you land on certain position a cash prize will be offered to you.

As soon as you have managed to land on a prize paying position you are free to collect the winning you have achieved, but if you want a little bit of risk in playing this game then you can choose to gamble what you have so far won by trying to make it to the next prize paying position and that will entail you correctly predicting whether the next seven numbers spun in on the bonus wheel consecutively are going to be higher or lower in value than the preceding number.

There are four different prize paying position on offer on the Around the World games bonus board and the further you manage to progress around that bonus board then the more cash you are going to win, but you will risk losing everything you have so far won if you opt to carry on playing the game once a cash award has been offered to you, and that is what makes this Arcade game so very exciting and a potentially very high paying game too.

Genies Hi Low Jackpot Game – The Genies Hi Low Jackpot game is very similar to the game above however you need to be aware that there are several different variants of this game available the difference being the coin values attached to each variant are fixed coin values.

This game offers an ever rising progressive jackpot which makes it something of a potentially very high paying game to play, and to have the chance of winning the jackpot attached to it which is fed by the stakes of all other players playing it you simply need to play it.

The aim is of playing this game is for you to reach the 11th position on the prize awarding ladder by making a series of winning predictions and much like its sister game named above the higher you rise up the prize ladder by making correct predictions regarding the value of the next card dealt out to you the more you stand to win.

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