New True Skill Bonus Game Slots Launched

chase-the-cheeseFinally triggering the bonus games on most video slot machines will see you hoping that as that bonus game is playing off you achieve a fairly substantial winning payout! However, the one aspect to triggering for example a free spins bonus game is that you could see no winning combinations being spun in or only some small valued ones appearing during that bonus game.

The same could be said for pick to win styled bonus games for whilst when you play those slot games you are usually guaranteed to win something, there is always the chance of that winning payout being a very modest one.

However, you will certainly be interested to learn of a couple of brand new slot games which come with something known as a true skill bonus game. These slots will trigger and award you with a bonus game on which your own level of skill in being able to play off the bonus round will determine just how much you stand to win.

With that in mind if you do fancy getting stuck into playing this next generation of bonus game video slots then keep on reading for we will enlighten you on just which slot games they are, where you can play them online and of course how those bonus games play and operate.

Chase the Cheese Slot

By spinning in and lining up on any activated payline the bonus symbols on the BetSoft Gaming designed Chase the Cheese slot game you will then be instantly awarded with its true skill based bonus round.

You will then need to help an onscreen mouse move around a series of obstacles in the hope that you will make it to the end of the trail and by doing so pick up a higher valued winning payout. However, to be able to move that mouse around the trail you will have to make use of the arrows and spacebar keys on your keyboard.

This true skill bonus game does have some similarities to the timeless classic video game Donkey Kong in as much as you will need very fast reactions whilst guiding the mouse around the trail and avoid all of the many game over ending obstacles that you could fall into or get hit by.

When this bonus game has been awarded to you the game will award you with three lives and as such if you do lose a couple of life’s as you are working your way around the trail all is not lost! The base game can also award you with some high valued winning payouts but it is always going to be the bonus game where the very highest valued winning payouts can be achieved.

So do give the Chase the Cheese slot game some play time soon and be aware the coin value settings are fully adjustable so if you simply wish to dip your toe into playing the slot but for very low stake amounts you can as the lowest coin value setting of just 0.02. However, once you become confident you know how to play off the true skill bonus game optimally you can always increase the coin values up to a higher amount with the very highest one being 1.00.

The Bees Slot

When you are playing the Bees slot game which is another slot from BetSoft Gaming on which you can trigger a true skill bonus game you first need to have the Maxwell Bee symbols falling to the left of the logo symbols whilst also having the Beatrice symbol falling to the right hand side of the logo symbol to get to play off that bonus game.

Once you have spun in that combination of reel symbols then the bonus game screen will launch on you are then tasked with picking your bee for that bonus game, so simply select Maxwell or Beatrice then the bonus game will begin.

You are tasked with then having to use the four arrows keys on your computer or laptop keyboard to help move your bee around the screen, whichever arrow key you choose to tap on will see your chosen bee then moving in that direction on the bonus game screen.

The aim of you playing of this true skill bonus game is for you to help you bee collect flower pendants by landing on them as you direct the bee in flight, the more pendants that you manage to collect the bigger and better your final payout will be once the bonus game ends.

You will be up against the clock when playing of this bonus game and you need to avoid the Points Bee as you are helping your chosen bee fly around the screen for when you collide and get stung with that bee you will lose even more of you allocated time! So make sure you do add this slot game to your list of slots to play soon as you may just love it.

Where to Play True Skill Bonus Game Awarding Slots Online

The above two true skill bonus game awarding video slots can be accessed and played at casino sites that have the range of BetSoft Gaming designed slot games on offer. One such site we can heartily recommend to everyone is the Guts Casino site.

Be aware that the true skill bonus games by their very nature are going to require you to fully master the art of playing them off, and as such we would suggest you visit Guts Casino and give either of the slots some serious amount of play time via the free play option.

By doing so you will then be much more experienced at playing off the bonus games and when they do trigger when you are playing those slots for real money you will then have the best chance of winning a much larger amount of cash tan you would if you have no experience of playing of the true skill bonus games.

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