Online Slots from Playtech with Stacked Wilds

Having a set of what are known as Stacked Wild symbols in play on the reels of any slot game will give you the possibility of spinning in those symbols and them covering every visible reel position in view on one or more reels.

The ideal situation you could find yourself in when playing any slot offering these types of wild symbols is that if they spin in on all five reels and that will see you getting a huge sized winning payout, but only if you have activated and put into play all of the paylines on the slot you are playing when the screen ends up getting covered in wild symbols.

If you have been looking around our website then you may have come across our Playtech Slots Locator tool which is the section of the website to visit if you are looking for a range of slots games all available at our top rated Playtech Casinos that offer you something unique by way of their design.

The following section of this slot playing guide is going to introduce you to several of Playtech’s most playable slot games which all have a set of stacked wild symbols attached to them. Keep on reading for each of the following slots are available as free play slots or you can play them for real money at any of our featured casino sites.

Best Slots to Play with Stacked Wilds

Banana Monkey Slot – The Banana Monkey slot game will allow you to play up to 20 paylines per spin, and on each of its five video reels there are a set of stacked wild symbols in play, as those wild symbols are yellow is colour and have the word Wild written across them you are hardly going to miss them whenever they have spun in.

The base game jackpot on offer on this slot is paid for a line of five wild symbols spinning in on any payline you have put into live play, and as those symbols are stacked if you do manage to spin in a screen full of them when playing all 20 paylines you will then be awarded with 20 jackpot payouts. As the jackpot is worth 2500 coins that means a whopping 50,000 coins will be awarded to you for a screen full of wild symbols.

Baywatch Slot – The Baywatch slot game is a very unusual slot for this slot is in fact four of the same slot games presented to you on one single screen, and when you play this slot you will be playing each of those four slots all at the same time.

You will however be obliged to play each of those four slots and as the paylines are fixed on each of them it may be a slightly expensive slot to play for some players, more so those playing with a limited bankroll.

However, those four slot game screens all come with three  different stacked wild symbols in play on them and what can make this slot a very high paying one is that as soon as you get one stacked wild symbol spinning in that symbol will then be transposed on the other slots screens that have yet to be played off, and as such by spinning in a set of three stacked symbols for example on the first slot game screen you are then guaranteed of having those thee same stacked reel symbols in play on the other three slot game screens all covering the very same reel positions.

Cute and Fluffy Slot – You will find on all five reels of the Cute and Fluffy slot game a cute looking Puppy reel symbol  now that symbol is the wild symbol and it is going to stand in for all other non bonus game awarding reel symbols.

The wild symbol also awards the jackpot on this slot and having spun in five of them on any one single payline you will be awarded with a very large 10,000 coins. However, this slot has 25 paylines on offer and as those Puppy reel symbols are stacked on each of the five reels then it is possible that you will be able to spin in a screen full of them and as such will have three Puppy reel symbols in view on each reel which will see you then being rewarded with a massive 250,000 coins when you do just that.

However, you are able t to play up to 10 coins per payline when playing this slot game and by activating and then putting into live play each base game spin with 10 coins in play per payline if you do then go on to spin in a screen full of those wild Puppy reel symbols the jackpot payout becomes a massive 2.5million coins! Therefore this slot game is going to be highly attractive to high rolling slot players or those players who do not mind playing for maximum bet base game spins.

Great Blue Slot – The Great Blue slot is one of the very highest variance slot games found in the gaming suite of Playtech software powered online casino sites and as such you should always be aware of that high variance playing structure and format before you play this slot! However, if you are quite happy to play slots offering such a playing structure then you really could win some truly enormous amount so cash when playing this slot game online.

This slot lets you put into play up to 25 paylines and up to 10 coins per payline activated per spin and as the jackpot payout is 10,000 coins there is a 2.5million coin jackpot on offer via the base game  if you are playing maximum bet spins and spin in a screen full of wild symbols. However, this slot game also has a free spins bonus round on which you could be awarded up to 33 free spins on x15 multiplier values and it is during the free spins you will be hoping to spin in a screen full of wild symbols and that would see you winning a huge amount of cash instantly.

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