Playtech Launches Multiple “All Ways” Slot Machines

all-ways-playtechAs you may already be aware, many of the newer online slot machines that have been released by some of the major slot game designers offer the new All Ways playing structure, when playing slots online at casinos that utilize the software engines from Microgaming, Playtech and IGT Interactive you will notice that some of them have been designed around this new payline type of structure.

The logic regarding the way these slots work is quite simple to understand, you may not understand the mathematics behind them, however in lay mans terms you will be forced to pay a set amount of credits to set any of these All Ways slots in live play, and by doing so all of the reel symbols and reel positions in view on each of their slot screens are active.

This means that as long as you get a winning combination as listed on the respective slots pay table in view consecutively from reel one onwards, then that winning combination is active and as such a winning payout will be awarded to you.

However as each slot has a different number of reel positions in view on each reel, then the actual winning paylines or ways to win that are activate is going to vary depending on which slot game you are playing, for example some slots offer 243 ways to win some can offer 1024 ways to win and a small collection of slots offer a massive 3125 ways to win.

Playtech have just launched the first in what is going to be a series of slots that instead of offering you just one set number of ways to win they will offer you the chance of playing one of these new slots with one of five different numbers of ways to win whenever you set the reels of the slot into live play.

One of the first slot games they have recently launched which offers this brand new Multiple All Ways playing structure is the Lucky Panda slot, and if you like playing slots on which you will have the maximum number of winning opportunities in play then this slot game is going to be well worth you checking out.

Fortunately when you are a member of any of our listed Playtech casino sites you can play the Lucky Panda slot game in the free play mode and this will let you put this new playing structure to the test for yourself, at no risk, and as such you will be able to quickly find out whether it is a structure you like and then may wish to play for real money.

There are as mentioned five different ways of playing the slot and as such we will now give you are quick rundown on how you can play it, depending on just how many ways to win you want to activate and put into play.

64 Ways to Win – The first way in which you can play the Lucky Panda slot game is by activating the 64 Ways to Win playing structure, this will see the first reel having all four of the visible reel positions activated on each spin you play, and the remaining four reels, those being reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 will only have the centre two reel positions activated when you play it via this structure. This playing format is going to cost you a total of 12 coins per spin you make.

128 Ways to Win – When you play the Lucky Panda slot game with its 128 Ways to Win playing structure activated then reels one and two will have all four of their visible reel positions activated and in play and the remaining reels those being reels 3, 4 and 5 will just have their middle two reel positions live and in play. The 128 ways to win playing structure will cost you an obligatory 24 coins per spin.

256 Ways to Win – For just 48 coins per spin you will be able to have a total of 256 ways to win in play on each spin of the Lucky Panda reels you make, however when playing in this format the first three reels will have all four of their visible reel positions live and activated and reels 4 and 5 will just have the middle two reel positions in play.

512 Ways to Win – For over 500 ways to win, in fact to be exact 512 ways to win when playing the Lucky Panda slot you will have to pay an obligatory 60 coins per spin and once you have chosen this playing format all of the first four reel symbols are fully activate and as such all four positions in view on each of their reels will be in play and on real five just the middle to positions on that reel are live and activated.

1024 Ways to Win – For the maximum chances of winning on every single spin of the Lucky Panda slot games reels you set in motion then you need to play with the 1024 ways to win playing structure in play. This will cost you a total of 72 coins per spin but by playing that amount of coins every single reel position on all five of its reels will be live and in play.

So when playing 1024 ways to win whenever you get three of any type of matching reel symbols spinning in and landing on reels one, two and three anywhere in view then you are guaranteed to win a cash payout, get the same matching symbols on reels four and five also then you will be awarded one of the higher winning payouts as listed on this games pay table.

If you do decide to play this Lucky Panda slot then if you can comfortably afford to do so make sure you play it with all 1024 ways to win in play, for this ensures you never miss out on a winning combination spinning in and also some of the better free spins bonus game payouts can be won when of course the free spins round is awarded.

We have recorded a video of the Lucky Panda slot machine and uploaded it on our Youtube channel so you can see what the game looks like. I’ve also embedded the video below for your convenience.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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