Rolling Reels Slot Game Feature Explained

When you come across a slot game structure that is one you have never seen before then you could be put off playing that slot, preferring instead to play a slot you know and have enjoyed playing before. However, you really should expand your knowledge of playing all manner of different slot games as by doing so you will come across lots of new playing structures which you may actually like.

We have seen lots of new slots launched this year which come with something known as a Rolling Reels type of playing structure, and in this slot game playing guide we will let you know how those types of slot games play and pay.

Be aware however that some online and mobile slots you will come across have the following Rolling Reels playing structure in place on both their base game and also their free spins bonus game, whilst some slots will only have the Rolling Reels feature attached to their free spins bonus game and not the base game.

How Does the Rolling Reels Feature Work?

One thing you will often notice when you choose to play any slot on which a Rolling Reels playing structure is attached is that those slots tend to be fixed payline slots or slots offering the All Ways or All Pays playing structure and format.

As such whilst you will be able to adjust the number of coins you put into play per spin and also freely adjust the coin values you are not going to be bale to adjust the number of paylines you can have in play as all of them need activating before you can send the reels spinning.

The reel symbols on any slot which boasts this type of playing structure do not spin in the usual way instead the reel symbols roll down onto the screen one at a time. They will drop down and fill in all of the visible reel positions on the slot you are playing once you have clicked onto the spin button.

Any and all winning combinations that you form are first added to your credit meter as they are when playing any slot game, however what happens next is one of the main reasons lots of players enjoy playing these types of slot games.

The winning combinations that you have formed are then removed from the screen, you will tend to find that they explode or blow up and then that will of course mean you have a lot of gaps on the slot game screen, depending on how many winning combinations you formed.

The gaps are then filled by the reel symbols that are above those that have now vanished from the slot game screen dropping down to fill those gaps, and as such it is possible that when those symbols have all dropped down next winning combinations will then be formed.

If you have formed a new winning combination or more than one then those symbols that form those winning combination are also removed from the screen after you have had your winnings credited to your credit meter. This will keep on happening until such a time no new winning combinations have been formed.

In fact one some slot games which do have the Rolling Reels playing structure attached to them you will find a multiplier value can come into place each time a set of reel symbols have been removed from the screen and those multiplier valued then increase the payouts of any new combinations formed.

So by repeatedly getting additional winning combinations forming then the multiplier value can get higher and higher and as such some very large winning payouts can be achieved if you keep on having winning payouts awarded to you.

Which Slots have a Rolling Reels Structure?

If you like the sound of the Rolling Reels playing structure then you will of course want to play a few slot games which have that type of playing structure available, and with that in mind below you will find an overview of some of the many online slot games that can be found boasting that playing structure.

Breakaway Slot – Make sure one slot game you do choose to play is the Microgaming designed Breakaway slot game, for this game does boast a Rolling Reels playing structure and one aspect to this slot which makes it even more playable in addition to that playing structure is that it has been designed as a 243 ways to win slot.

So when you do form a winning combination which should be easy to do due to the abundance of ways to win and form a winning combination you have in live player then there is plenty of additional chances that you will keep on having winning combinations forming as the reel symbols that formed those winning payouts are removed and replaced.

Finer Reels of Life Slot – You are going to be able to pick off one of several different options in regards to how you can play a free spins based bonus round when you spin in enough scatter symbols when playing the Finer Reels of Life slot game, and one of those options is a set of Free Spins which boasts the Rolling Reels playing structure.

This slot can be a very exciting one to play as also at random when you click on the spin button to send the reels spinning in a wild reel bonus feature can be awarded to you which will see one to five of the reels being filled with wild symbols.

Avalon II Slot – One final slot game which we would suggest you try and play sooner rather than later is the recently launched Avalon II slot game, this slot comes with lots of different bonus game features which you can select once the bonus game has been awarded to you.

One of those options is a large number of free spins which will be playing out with the Rolling Reels playing structure in place.

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