Win Both Ways Slots from Playtech

ice-hockey-slotAs part of our Playtech Slot Locator series of articles, we are going to introduce you to a range of their slots which boast a unique set of features, bonus games and playing structures. In this particular guide we take a look at their slots which comes with something known as a Win Both Ways playing structure.

When you play these types of slots you are going to be able to form a winning combination from left to right and right to left on each activated payline you have chosen to put into play. What makes playing these slots additionally interesting is that unlike most other slot game designers you are not forced to have to pay an additional stake or place a bonus bet to get that Win Both Ways playing structure in play per spin you play off.

That does of course result in these Playtech Slots being very cost effective games to play, and as each of them always have a plethora of different stake value options, you will be able to afford to play them no matter whether you have only a tiny amount of cash available in your casino account or a large amount of cash in your gaming bankroll.

Have a look at the following overviews of each of the Win Both Ways slots listed below, and should you wish to give them a whirl we can recommended any of our approved Playtech powered casino sites, all of which are giving away generous new player sign up bonuses to all newly registered real money players.

Captains Treasure Slot – You will not find lots of bonus games and bonus features are going to be awarded to you if you choose to play the Captain Treasure slot game, for this is one of Playtech’s more basic structured video slots. However it does come with a nine payline playing structure and to give you double the chance of forming a winning combinations when you choose to play this slot, all winning combinations can and will be formed from left to right and form right to left on the screen, without the need to place an additional side bet to have the Win Both Ways playing structure activated and put into play.

Golden Tour Slot – Should you be the type of slot players who really does enjoy playing sport themed slot games, and you are looking to play such a slot but one that is going to give you the maximum chance of winning when you play it, then make sure you give the Golden Tour slot game some play time one day soon. This is another Playtech slot game offering a basic nine payline playing structure and format however as soon as you get a matching set of reel symbols forming on any activated payline either from left to right or right to left on the slot games screen you will be awarded with the associated winning payout for that winning combination.

Highway Kings Slot – Another Playtech design slot game which comes with its own unique Win Both Ways playing structure and theme is the Highway Kings slot game. This slot comes with a road trip based themed and being a Both Ways structured slot you are going to get plenty of winning combinations forming whenever you send this reels spinning. You are able to play from one to nine paylines per spin and there are a wide and very varied number of different coin and stake values that you can play this slot game for, which makes it a very cost effective slot to play.

High Way Kings Pro Slot – There is a second slot game in the series of Highways Kings slots which is the Pro version of this slot, and whilst it shares a very similar theme to the slot above and also comes with a Win Both Ways type of playing structure, when playing this slot you can also trigger a set of free spins when playing any one single base game spin. So therefore if you are interested in playing this type of slot but want one with a much more entertaining and exciting playing structure then give this slot a little play time when you are next logged into a Playtech powered online casino site.

Ice Hockey Slot – You can have the choice of picking two teams to play each other from a range of Ice Hockey teams when you play this slot, and as such if you then see any combination of players forming a winning combination from left to right, those symbols need to be the home team or a winning combinations of mixed Away Team Player symbols forming a winning combination from right to left on the screen then you are instantly awarded that winning payout. Refer to the pay table for more information on how much you will be awarded with when you do form such a Both Ways winning combination.

Silver Bullet Slot – The Silver Bullet slot game is admittedly one of Playtech’s older video slot games, and being old it does not come with all of the bells and whistles you usually associate Playtech’s slots as having! However, if you are looking for a classic video slot to play and one that has 9 optional paylines and a range of different stake options then this may be a slot worth tracking down and playing.

It is a slot on which you will always have twice the chance of forming a winning combination on its screen for all winning combinations can be formed form left to right and from right to left on the screen. It has a fairly high payout percentage and with a very large 10,000 base game jackpot payout there is always the chance you can win big when playing it! You can also place a completely optional Dollar Ball Bet when playing this slot which is an optional lottery based game on which a progressive jackpot can be won.

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