Wow Pot Online Slot Hints and Playing Tips

wow-pot-5-reel-slotIf you wish to play a slot game that has a very regularly awarded progressive jackpot then we think you are going to find the Wow Pot slot an entertaining one to play. It has been available at Microgaming software powered casinos for many years now and can be accessed only as a real money slot.

In this slot playing guide we are going to let you know just how regularly this slot game awards its jackpot and that should give you an idea of when the best time to play it online is.

We shall also give you a full and informative overview of some of the more important aspects of the design of this slot which should allow you to determine whether it is going to be a slot game worth playing, which by the way we think it most certainly is.

About the Wow Pot Slot

The three reel version of Microgaming’s Wow Pot slot game is a quite strange slot in regards to its pay table for when playing one or two coins per spin on its single payline you cannot be awarded a cash payout for spinning in the jackpot payout.

When playing three coins spins however you can spin in three of the jackpot reel symbols and that will award you with the progressive jackpot. The coin values on this slot are fixed at 0.50 so a three coin spin will cost you 1.50 and give you a change of winning the progressive jackpot.

There is also a 15 payline version of this slot which is structured as a 5 video reel slot game. Playing all 15 paylines on that slot game and then getting all five jackpot symbols on the 15th payline awards the progressive jackpot. The coin values on that version of the game are fixed at 0.10.

Frequency and Value of Wow Pot Slot Jackpots

Both the five video reels and three reels version of this slot game share the same progressive jackpot and they are networked throughout every single Microgaming powered casino site or sites that have their progressives slot games on offer.

That does of course mean you can win the jackpot playing either version of this slot and could win the jackpot at any casino site that offers the Wow Pot slot games.

Number of Jackpots Won – Basing our figures on the last 12 months of play on the Wow Pot slot we have discovered that there has been in total 17 winners of the progressive jackpot. Each player did of course win a different amount and we shall now look at some other facts and figures surrounding those jackpot payouts.

Average Jackpot Payout – The average amount in cash that each of those 17 progressive jackpot winners on this slot was 6835.00, which when you take into account the stake needed to put into play a spin on which you have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot is quite a reasonable amount.

Total Won in the Last Year – Adding up all of the progressive jackpots that have been won by players over the last 365 days we have discovered that the jackpots awarded totalled a very large 116,200.00. If you do wish to play this slot game online then based on how the jackpot is won and awarded you must always play maximum coin spins on the single payline. If you do not play maximum coins spins then it is impossible for you to actually win the progressive jackpot, so make sure you do play max bet spins.

Remember that the actual amount in cash you can win when playing this slot will be determined by the currency you are playing it for. It is a multi currency slot game so the maximum stake limit for example could be in Pounds, Euros or Dollars.

Average Days between Jackpots – The average number of days between players winning a progressive jackpot when playing Microgaming’s Wow Pot slot is just over 19 days. So whilst not the most regularly progressive jackpot awarding slot it is one that does offer a jackpot every couple of weeks or so on average.

As soon as the progressive jackpot has been won the slot will reset the progressive jackpot back to its seed amount. However, if the jackpot is won in any other currency other than UK Pounds Sterling the difference in regards to the exchange rate of UK Pounds Sterling and the currency it was won it will be added to the jackpot on top of the seed value.

Where to Play the Wow Pot Slot

One thing you are going to notice when you go looking for online casinos offering the range of Microgaming designed slot games is that there are dozens of casinos that do! However, when it comes to you getting some of the many additional benefits bestowed on players from some of the more generous casinos, then we would like you to consider playing at the two sites listed below.

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